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Mind, and Cream, Over Matter – Increasing Your Size

Someone’s buddy has had success at Herballove in terms of gaining penis size. Now he wants to see how we can help him as well. If you’re curious too, read on...
Case #: 1942

Hi guys – a friend told me about your website and said he had success in growing his penis because of you. Now I’m very curious! Haha. So what can I do? My penis is 4 ½” when hard.
I really am tired of having a small member but don’t want to use any dangerous devices on it because I’ve heard horror stories. What’s a safe way to do this?

One of my first jobs while going to school was a fitness trainer. Since whenever I do something, I really research it and delve into whatever I’m doing, I learned very quickly how to help people of all types change not only their body compositions, but open them up to a whole new world of health & fitness.
Everyone is Different

I’d have skinny kids who would walk in and wanted to be more buff, plenty of women who wanted to lose body fat, athletes who wanted to be faster and/or stronger, and people with health issues who wanted to heal and get better. There were also older folks such as men who wanted to regain some of their youth by being more fit.
This last group was one of the more difficult to manage, mainly because males usually are not very easy to approach and give advice to, they are more resistant to change then most women. Another factor was that they were getting older.
Sexual Fitness

As men get older and are trying to maintain a certain level of fitness, it is harder than it is for younger men. This is because as men get into their later 30s and 40s, their bodies are as efficient in metabolizing nutrients as their younger counterparts. They are usually overweight by then as well (70% of Americans are now classified as overweight).
This also seeps over into a man’s virility as well. Men who are middle-aged aren’t able to absorb as much nutrients from their food intake as they were when they were younger. Their metabolism slows down, they gain body fat, their blood circulation is poorer, and they can’t produce as many hormones.
This means that many times there isn’t enough androgen hormones and blood available to power a proper erection. So how is a man to compensate for this age old (couldn’t resist) drawback?
You Have to Switch it Up

Unfortunately, men who are used to going to the local health food store and grabbing a natural supplement or two in order to find a quick fix for their erectile issues often end up with unfavorable results. This is because their bodies are unable to absorb and utilize the nutrients from these supplements and it just ends up being a big waste of time and an epic fail.
There are, however, creams, gels, and pills which are specifically formulated to travel directly to the penis and penetrate deep through its dermal layers. (TRY: Enlargement Products for Males Over 35) This deep penetration helps these formulas to work on a cellular level, restoring penile tissues and nerve endings, and most importantly, helping to expand the corpora cavernosa; the chambers which engorge with blood. This will enable men to produce and maintain larger, fuller, longer lasting erections. Sounds like a good deal, right?

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Products for Males Over 35: A Solution for Enlargement

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