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That’s not a Diamond Ring, It’s a Cock Ring: The Solution to Erectile Dysfunction Can be Found In a Circle

Oh, what worry men and women have of their bodies – odor, weight, skin, and hair. Most anxieties rise from insecurity. For example, the man who thinks his penis isn’t long or wide enough often worries for no reason.
But men who suffer erectile dysfunction (ED) have cause for concern. ED can destroy an intimate moment and, when it persists, take a toll on romantic relationships. This is a lesson Andy learned the hard way, and only after he took a critical look at his health.
A Story of Diabetes and Impotence
“When you’re young, you can eat anything,” Andy says. “Burgers, pop, pizza, beer…I had a good time partying, but if I’d known then what I know now, I would do things differently.”
Andy’s first clue his health was less than perfect came in the form of thirst. “Everyone gets thirsty, but I couldn’t quench mine,” he explains. “I’d get up in the middle of the night for water. Throughout the day, I felt parched. It was like cotton filled my mouth.”
What followed is a series of events Andy will never forget. “I started to feel tired and run down. I went to bed earlier and rose later every day. Then my hands started to tingle. I tried to ignore it, but the tingling got worse. Finally, I tried to make love to my girlfriend and couldn’t get hard. She was mad, I was exhausted.”
They tried a few more times, and Andy still couldn’t perform. He went to the doctor thinking he had a sexually transmitted disease. “I was in a committed relationship, but I know people mess around,” he confesses. “I thought my girlfriend had cheated and given me a disease.”
Not What He Thought
When the doctor told Andy he had diabetes, he felt strangely elated. Then his heart sank as reality set in. “Diabetes at 43 years old,” he says. “I didn’t even know that was possible. And my erectile dysfunction was because of the disease. It’s caused nerve damage in my penis.”
When he told his girlfriend the news, she made an abrupt decision. “She left me. She said she couldn’t deal with my problems.” Andy pauses. “Maybe my relationship was the victim of erectile dysfunction, or maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. Either way, I had needed to take care of myself.”
Andy managed his diabetes with insulin shots, diet and exercise. “It was easier than I thought,” he says. “I hit the gym, lost some weight and started to feel pretty good. That’s when I realized I had to think about my ED. I hadn’t had sex in a while, and I wasn’t in a relationship. I didn’t know where to start.”
The Sex Toy Solution
Andy heard about cock rings and decided to take his chances. “I ordered a Leather Velcro C-Ring and experimented during masturbation. (SEE: Diabetic Men and Cock Rings for Firm Erections) The ring helped me get and maintain an erection. I used it a bunch of times before realizing this was the solution. It’s comfortable and, because it’s different, a turn-on. I’ve ordered a few more rings since that first one, and they’re all awesome.”
The real test came when Andy had sex with his new girlfriend. “She knew of my earlier problems, so we were both apprehensive. But I slipped on the cock ring and enjoyed sex exactly as before diabetes. I can still give and receive oral sex, still have intercourse. Both of us are happy, and the cock ring opened the door to other sex toys. I’ve never been more satisfied than I am today.”

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