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Making Baby or Having Baby: The Formula for Success

On any given day, my inbox gets flooded with questions from Herballove visitors. Some ask ostentatious questions that only experts may understand. Others just want recommendation on certain products. But every so often, I strike up a conversation with one individual whom I build a great e-relationship with. 
Jessica was one of those women who, when she emailed me, we instantly connected. She and her husband wanted a baby for years, but she had no luck. After exchanging dozens of emails, I asked if I could write about her story in a feature article. She agreed.
Jessica’s Issues
After hearing the initial concern about infertility, Jessica and hubby visited their respective physicians—each were healthy. They spoke to dozens of fertility specialist who prescribed different positions and practice. To no avail, they endured the same news—infertility. And for any young couple, a baby was important.  
So Jessica emails me, urging me, “What can I do to increase mine and his chances of conception?”
My Response
As I explained to her, most people assume that the minute they stop taking precautions against getting pregnant, they conceive. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are a great many variables involved in contraception, including luck. Some couples are seemingly able to get pregnant at will, while others struggle for years. Couples even resort to medical procedures such as in vitro fertilization that come at an expensive cost with no guarantees. 
Poor physical health can play an important role in getting pregnant. While your doctor ok’d your health, diet too can determine fertility. Jessica, for instance, skipped her 3-5 servings of fruits and veggies for 4-5 servings of chips and soda. She often ate 1 bag of Flaming Hots with a soda—and she was paper thin! 
Diets rich in fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates, lean meats and fish help ensure the body remains health. If you smoke, take prescription medicines or worse, do illicit drugs, you could lower your fertility chances. Meanwhile, exercise and sleep too factored into a healthy body, while increased levels of stress affected the body as well. 
Jessica’s Solution
While Jessica remained clueless as to why she could not get pregnant, she remained determined. So I recommended that she try some all-natural supplements that could increase her chances. Like in all cases, I remind individuals that these supplements are not guaranteed to work. However, they do provide a balance to hormonal levels in the body for improved chances.  A few months later, I got an email from Jessica. The subject line read “Baby Shower Invitation.” I couldn’t help but to smile at her newfound joy.

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