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Low Testosterone: Stopping Enlargement Efforts for Men Over 40

Francis U. was 52 when he heard his doctor say, “You have low testosterone.” For aging men like Francis, low testosterone remains common. According to endocrinologist, doctors who study hormone levels and the thyroid, low testosterone has been a rising trend of aging men with low t-levels and lower sexual inhibitions. And while age lowers testosterone, damages your sex drive, and even makes you moody, the hormone too can explain the reason why some penis enlargement efforts fail.

First, An Explanation on Testosterone

The body uses both testosterone and estrogen, but for males, testosterone remains the dominant hormone. Testosterone spikes occur during puberty, where young boys transform into young men with deeper voices, bigger penises and increased muscle mass. When a man enters adulthood, the hormone ensures muscles and bones stay as strong as his sex drive. When men experience a depletion of testosterone, common side effects include:

  • Depletion of sex drive
  • Reduction of sperm count
  • Loss of both muscle mass and strength
  • Poor fat distribution
  • Damaged bone density
  • Reduced red blood cell
  • Infertility
  • Fewer and weaker erections
The Testosterone-Enlargement Issue

Sure, testosterone creates total destruction on your sex drive, erectile strength and fertility, but how is any of this linked to enlargement? Men who notice low testosterone still love sex—they just can’t engage in the activity as well. The whole weak erection thing kinda makes sex impossible. Still, men love sex, and want to have great, amazing, orgasm-so-fast-and-so-hard-it-puts-you-to-sleep sex. But a challenge for some men remains the size. Some men age and age with the desire to grow their penises. Thanks to low testosterone, any supplements with testosterone-like substances or with blood-infused nutrients won’t work.
Most nutrients work with the present testosterone levels to increase the width and length of an erection. Men with erectile dysfunction cannot pump blood-enriched nutrients into the penis while low testosterone cannot work with hormone-like substances to grow tissue. Men who reach a certain age notice both issues as burdens for the body and for enlargement.

Find Enlargement At Your Age

Men who wish to gain a longer, wider penis can. Sure, low testosterone, depleted blood flow and lowered expectations can be daunting enough odds to make you quit. But thanks to Deer Antler and Size Enhancement With Faster Metabolism & Fuel, men can find supplements that work with their age and with their lowered testosterone levels to improve erectile strength, blood flow and erectile size. 
Men who have visited doctors, taken testosterone balancing products and seen weak erections will want to understand the complications presented with age. Despite the issues created by lowered testosterone, men can find solace in all-natural supplements that quell the issues set forth by age. 

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