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Not Filling the Hole

Female says she’s never had an orgasm before. She has been sexually active, but finds no pleasure in sexual intercourse. She only enjoys sex when it involves manual stimulation via her partner. What’s going on here? Is her G-spot dead?
Case #: 1114

I have no idea what an orgasm feels like. I have been sexually active for about 3 years. The only way I am actually aroused during sexual intercourse is when my partner fingers me. Is my G-spot dead? I do not feel anything when he penetrates me. I want to fix this. I love him and I want to be with him for a long time... can you help me?

Ma’am, there’s absolutely nothing abnormal about you. Despite what you might be reading, watching, and hearing everywhere, sex is definitely not all about vaginal penetration, and orgasms for woman are not all that common.
If you’re a woman, you shouldn’t expect to achieve full sexual satisfaction simply from having a penis inserted into your vagina. Interestingly, only the first three inches of your vaginal opening can achieve any sort of pleasure from penetration. Have you been able to locate your G-spot via yours or your partner’s fingers? From your letter it seems as though you have. That’s certainly the first step towards penis-centric sexual enjoyment.
When Blood Flow is a Good Thing

The other thing to consider, if you’re worried about the efficacy of your sexual organs, is increasing blood flow to your clitoris and G-spot. Increasing blood flow will give you a much faster sexual response, as well as fuller, more sensitive areas in which the blood flows to, eg. clitoris, vaginal walls, vulva, and G-spot.
I’m going to give you some tips on how to stimulate yourself whilst having sex, not just enjoying manual stimulation only, and on how to refresh and rejuvenate your n-need-of-loving sex organs.
What’s the Difference?

You mention that you’re currently able to find pleasure when your partner stimulates you with his fingers; what changes between how he touches you with his fingers and how he touches you with his penis? Is it that he isn’t able to directly stimulate your G-spot? Have you tried positions in which G-spot access is easiest? Or is it that you need more clitoral stimulation during sex to make the vaginal penetration enjoyable?
Mix it Up

In any event, there is a position for every desire. To hit your G-spot while having sex, you need to try positions that point the penis towards the front wall of the vagina. Thus, basic missionary is not your friend. Depending on the shape of your partner’s penis, girl-on-top, facing forward or backward, could be the position you’re looking for. Any position that allows you to pivot his penis inside you to hit just the right spot is the position you’re looking for.
Girl-on-top is also an excellent position for clitoral stimulation because the woman has the ability to fully envelop the man’s penis and her clitoris is stimulated by either her own hand, her partner’s hand, or her partner’s abdomen.
Another orgasm friendly pose is a modified missionary, in which the girl places pillow or blanket under her hips. The man cannot enter so deeply, but the angle of his penis is directed more towards the front of her vagina, and the remainder of his penis presses against her clitoris.
Healing Herbs

At this juncture, I recommend beginning an herbal supplement designed to jumpstart your reproductive health. (TRY: Nerve Repair & Rejuvenation for the G-Spot) This formula contains Maca, Tribulus, and Yohimbe—three herbs that increase sexual desire, sexual satisfaction, and arousal strength. Catuaba and Pyrola serve to increase circulation to your sexual organs—removing any buildup of scar tissue that might decrease sensation, as well as giving you faster and more enjoyable sexual response.
Add a little play into your playtime, and I’m sure you’ll be experiencing an orgasm sooner rather than later!

What to do

G-Spot Rejuvenation & Nerve Repair

Scar tissue, caused by vaginal tissue repair, affects the sensitivity of the G-spot, vagina, and clitoris. Vibrators, shower jets, or other sex toys can damage the vaginal tissue and nerve endings that are connected to the G-spot. G-Spot..

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