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Love From MotherNature: Low Sex Drive Solved by Deer Antlers

Jacob just turned 24; he lives with his girlfriend in a two-bedroom apartment near downtown Chicago. They frequent their favorite restaurants on the weekends cooking during the weekday. Trying to stay warm, they head to the subway for a trip to a concert and then a birthday party with their friends at one of their favorite nightclubs. 
His girlfriend, Cassandra is very active in yoga and her creative lifestyle at a fashion magazine making her a neo-bohemian at best. All this creativity sparks her positive energy, but also has turns of negative slumps in between when inspiration doesn’t come.

She’s had a great week, while her boyfriend, Jacob, isn’t so hot tonight. He’s been feeling sick more often than not and his high stress job at an investing firm has left Jacob wanting to curl up and sleep off the week.
The night is young, Cassandra dressed up just for him. Jacob knows what Cassandra is thinking, but the stress he’s had this week matched with his newfound performance anxiety is overwhelming him. Jacob wonders if he can talk Cassandra into cuddling instead of sex.
Embarrassing Times
Many twenty-something year old males go through this. His penis won’t do it like it used to. Millennial Gen males grew up with an easy access to porn and sex on television or in movies. Most of these movies depict man’s need for sexual success as well as the recognition of manhood.

In the start of their twenties, if they have excessively masturbated in their youth, their appetite for sex decreases. Long before they reach men’s menopause, if they have even heard of it, they get discouraged. This results in depression, mood swings, performance anxiety and a general lack of interest in life. 
So what do deer antlers have in common with this twenty-something year old male problems? After all, don’t we drop by the pet store and buy a couple antlers for our dog’s to chew on at home? I mean come on, deer antlers increasing sexual appetite! 
Deer are for venison and…testosterone?
It’s true! A real Ripley’s believe it or not of sex life. When mating season rolls around, male bucks produce enough hormones to ejaculate up to 20 times a day.  

Mating season lasts from October until December. Just be careful where you step if you’re going for a walk in the nearby woods this fall.
Deglatined Antlers loaded with Nerve growth factor, Insulin like growth factors, epidermal growth factors, Myostatin and Growth differentiation factor-9 can influence healthy venuous, venule capillary circulation, arteries and arterioles increasing flow to the genitals.

You can find antler velvet in Curculigo, Fo Ti, Schisandra, and Tribulus. Using a Deer Antler Testosterone Formula, you can see a spike in the sex drive, combined with healthier habits. 

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