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Stuck in a Sticky Circumstance

Female has been experiencing sticky, white discharge since she began using hormonal birth control at seventeen. The discharge affects her ability to naturally lubricate, and she wonders which formula is right for her problem. Should she remain on the pill, or must she stop using hormonal birth control to solve the problem?

Case #: 1174


I have been on the birth control pill since I was 17 years old. I have noticed throughout the years that I have had a sticky, white discharge. I have read some of the articles on the site and I am really interested in the remedies but can't decide which one suits me. My sex life has suffered because this discharge affects my ability for natural lubrication; even the use of other lubricants has not alleviated this problem, as everything just becomes sticky. Which remedy do you recommend, and do you recommend that I remain on the pill or does remaining on the pill contradict the remedy and cause further problems?


Good for you for doing some research! Yes, your discharge isn’t anything wrong, but simply an imbalance of hormones. It most likely is the result of your hormonal birth control. However, that doesn’t mean you need to stop using your birth control. Simply changing the balance of your hormones back to normal levels will allow you to stop experiencing that annoying discharge.

Birth Control Bothers

You may have realized from your research that the reason you have this discharge is due to overly high levels of progesterone in your body. Normally, progesterone and estrogen fluctuate and balance each other out. Without enough estrogen, progesterone runs the show, creating that sticky situation you know so well.

Capped Off

How does it work? Well, progesterone tells your body to produce cervical mucus. Without estrogen levels raising enough to tell your body to knock off the mucus production, your cervix will continually be well smeared. This is actually one of the ways hormonal birth control prevents pregnancy—thick cervical mucus prevents a measure of semen from entering the uterus and inseminating an egg.

That cervical mucus doesn’t just sit up there all day long, however. It’s shed just the same as the skin cells and other effluvia of the vagina and uterus. This is the sticky, white discharge you’ve got going on—too much cervical mucus.

Cleaning Up Your Act

Luckily, it’s easy enough to get rid of! Don’t worry about douching, and please don’t stop your contraception! What you need to do is change the hormones in your body. Not a huge amount, just enough to cue your body into proper alignment again. Phytoestrogens can help you do that.

Phytoestrogens allow your body to take in minute amounts of estrogen, without having to use an actual hormonal supplement. The chemicals are found naturally in certain plants, and you’re probably already ingesting them if you eat flax seeds, beans, or soy. These chemicals raise your body’s levels of estrogen, but as they can degrade when not needed, the body isn’t overwhelmed with an excess supply of synthetic hormones and can simply pass them on.

Solving the Issue

I’m recommending that you begin an herbal course that is designed for women suffering from vaginal infections and excess discharge. (SEE: Abnormal Vaginal Discharge Rejuvenation) You don’t have a vaginal infection, but the herbs included in this formula will help your body to properly remove the overabundance of progesterone, as well as kicking up healthy blood flow, and generally detoxifying your reproductive area of any noxious buildup. I feel this holistic formula will best target your problem and see you to fast results.

I’m sorry you’ve suffered from this issue for so long; try this supplement, and I’m sure you’ll soon see the end of that irritating discharge. Best wishes!

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