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All Leaks and No Peaks: Erectile Dysfunction Caused by Venous Leak Halts Sexual Satisfaction

Roger was 38 years old when he noticed a problem that made his heart sink: he couldn’t maintain an erection. Worried something was wrong, he went to his dad for advice. But Roger walked away with nothing more than disappointment.
“All men experience erection problems from time to time,” his dad said. “Shrug it off. Don’t let it ruin sex the next time.”
The Unwelcome Truth
Roger knew his dad was right, but he’d to get hard repeatedly. “I was worried because it happened each time I tried to have sex, and there was no explanation,” Roger says. “My wife and I had a great relationship, I was in sound physical health and I loved sex.”
Roger isn’t alone. Between 15 and 30 million American men have erectile dysfunction (ED). People tend to associate ED with a lack of masculinity, but this correlation is completely unfounded. The truth is that ED often suggests an underlying problem, one that can go completely undetected until a man is no longer able to perform in the bedroom. Then his attention is grabbed.
“I finally had to break down and talk to my wife,” Roger recalls. “That was hard. I admitted I couldn’t get hard, although she already knew. Our lovemaking had gone downhill overnight. I also had to confess I didn’t know what was wrong with me.”
Venous Leak and Sexual Health
Roger has a condition known as venous leak, in which an erection goes soft because blood doesn’t stay trapped in the penis. It’s caused by damaged blood vessels that can be caused by many different factors. In Roger’s case, smoking was the culprit.
“It was a disgusting habit, but I smoked,” Roger confesses. “I started in high school and continued up to the day I learned I had venous leak. I averaged six or seven cigarettes a day. It caught up with me.”
Even after kicking the habit, the damage was done and Roger needed to correct his erection problems. “After that first conversation with my wife, I felt pretty comfortable sharing my health problems with her,” Roger says. “We explored options that would help me stay hard. Both of us missed sex and wanted a way to again enjoy it.”
The Right Choice to Overcome ED
Together, they weighed the pros and cons of a penis ring. Although proven to help maintain an erection, cock rings shouldn’t be worn for more than 30 minutes at a time to prevent penis damage. “That was a deterrent for me,” Roger explains. “I’m not saying I like marathon sex sessions every time, but feeling pressure to rush didn’t seem like it would help me very much. I wanted no pressure, no worries. Just a way to be intimate with the woman I love.”
He and his wife decided on a Penile Loop, a device that closes veins and promotes blood flow into the penis. (TRY: Penile Loops for Venous Leak Support) With the veins closed, that blood stays there until the loop is removed. It is safe and effective without interfering with sexual function.
“One of the features I most appreciate is the control I have,” Roger says. “I can adjust the Penile Loop and make it as loose or tight as I want. That’s a luxury the cock ring doesn’t offer.”
As for results, Roger says he now wears the loop with total confidence. “I enjoy sex as much as ever,” he says. “I climax every time, and I’m able to last so my wife can also come. The Penile Loop is the perfect way to keep me hard. I’m thrilled we found and purchased one.”

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