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Help! I Have Broken My Orgasm

Learn about a woman who seems to have damaged her clitoris, and the steps she can take to repair it.
Case #:1500

I really hope I can get some help. I have slept with three men in my life and before sleeping with the third man I had never experienced an orgasm before. After we broke up I bought a vibrator and found the same satisfaction with orgasms but they weren't as powerful or amazing as the ones I experienced through sex. After a short time I was pressing harder on my clitoris to try to orgasm. I now have a scary feeling that I have damaged my clitoris and chances of ever experiencing that orgasm ever again.

I am now with the forth man and I know he is the one I want to marry. I love him very much but there is one problem, I cannot orgasm like I had before. Is there any way I can fix my damaged clitoris so that I will be able to orgasm. I want to be able to change my life and enjoy orgasmic relations for the rest of my life.
Aggressive vibrator use can be damaging to the clitoris's nerve endings and tissues. Too much over stimulation can actually leave the area in a numb state.
Bad Vibrations

Vibrators aren't the only culprits when it comes to orgasm difficulty however. Any activity that increases your estrogen levels has the power to have this same effect on your body. This occurs because estrogen actually decreases our nervous sensitivity, and will shrink the vaginal erectile tissues and cells.
There are numerous reasons why a woman could lose her sensitivity or elasticity. Some including menopause, a known damage to the area, birth control, surgery, pregnancy or childbirth, and hormonal imbalances.
How It Works

The clitoris, as well as the G-spot contains DHT receptors that basically handle all of your erection and sensitivity needs. In order for the receptors to work, they must become larger. The enlargement requires the seamless action of prostaglandins E-1/E-2/E-3, DHT, and nitric oxide. The trick is, to enable those receptors once more for better lovemaking.
How To Fix It

Firstly, I would definitely recommend staying away from your vibrator for the time being. Continued use of toys will only agitate your problem further. In some cases the numbness, or absents of feeling turns into a searing pain that rears its ugly head during intercourse. And nobody wants that. One day the use of a vibrator every now and then will not deter you from being able to orgasm, but at this point a continued use of it would only make things worse.
I would also recommend utilizing an herbal remedy that includes herbs such as Wild Yam, Passion Flower, Turkey Rhubarb, Fo Ti, Muira Puama, and Black Cohosh. These herbs will help to bring back the proper blood flow and circulation that is needed for a healthy clitoris. (TRY: Herbal Formula for Vaginal Repair & Restoration) They will also help balance out your estrogen levels so that there isn't a surge of estrogen decreasing your vaginal sensitivity.
Once your sensitivity is back, you should waste no time getting up and on. The best way to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse is to ride your partner in frontward facing cowgirl position. While riding your boyfriend, be sure to grind your clitoris against his pelvic bone for the perfect amount of friction.
If, for any reason you do not notice an improvement over the next six months, I would strongly suggest seeing your OBGYN for further instruction on how to treat the condition.

What to do

VRP Formula I – Vaginal Regeneration & Repair

Age, long-term vibrator abuse, hormone imbalance, and toxins damage vaginal tissues, nerve endings, and the uterus endometrium, while an aged vagina and uterus can disrupt endocrine system from functioning properly, an issue that hinders the vagina...

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