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What Is this Gunk?

Woman has begun experiencing dark brown discharge. After sex, she notices some of the discharge remains on her boyfriend’s penis. She wonders what’s causing the discharge, and what can be done to remove the problem. Is it birth control?
Case #: 1214

I have been getting brown dark discharge for a while. I am on birth control and when having intercourse some of the brown discharge is on my boyfriends’ penis and it's awful. I was wondering what could be done. Is it the birth control? Should I get off the birth control? Thank you.

The first thing you need to do is stop stressing over the discharge. It might seem gross, but it’s not anything unusual for you to be experiencing, and you’ll probably be surprised when I tell you what it is. Vaginas come pre-installed with all kinds of fun and exciting discharges, healthy and unhealthy, so part of being a woman is knowing what’s normal, what’s not, and really just rolling with Nature’s punches on this issue.
Annoying, But Not Scary

Your brown discharge is simply a little bit of old blood mixed in with your normal vaginal secretions. You were right to think that it’s the result of using birth control; it is! But that doesn’t mean you should stop using birth control, or that it’s an unsolvable problem. You’re essentially spotting, but it’s such a minute amount of blood that it comes out as brown sludge, instead of actual blood.
Your Confused Uterus

The reason you’ve noticed it’s become an issue is due to the way hormonal birth control interacts with your uterus. Hormonal birth control contains two hormones: estrogen and progesterone. Now, estrogen seems to be rather a flighty hormone, and one that’s easily knocked out of whack, so women on birth control can have varying degrees of issues with either too much estrogen, or not enough—most often the latter.
As a matter of fact, that’s what’s causing your problem right now. Progesterone tells your body to flush out the uterine lining. Normally, this only happens once a month, which is when you menstruate. However, after your body has finished removing this unnecessary lining, your estrogen levels are supposed to rise, signaling to your body that it must begin rebuilding the layer it just finished getting rid of. This layer is called the epithelium, in case you wanted a bit of trivial knowledge to impress your friends.
If estrogen levels don’t rise, your body won’t rebuild the layer as it’s supposed to. It might build it for a few days, but without the proper hormonal levels, the free-floating progesterone will convince your body that you’re meant to be bleeding, not building, and so small bits of your epithelium will end up in your vaginal canal, and then into your vaginal discharge—giving you that brownish business you’re so fond of.
Hormone Hijinks

To solve this problem, you need to increase your estrogen levels to balance out the progesterone in your system. Higher levels of estrogen will tell your body that it needs to stop flushing the system and will prevent that random spotting from occurring.
Because you’re already on a hormonal birth control, I’d recommend a less hormonally direct approach to solving your issue. Firstly, it’s kind of a gamble to take pure estrogen anyhow, and secondly, I don’t think you’ll need that much estrogen to get your body back to normal.
Safe and Stable

I’m recommending you try an herbal formula designed to assist your body in removing annoying discharge. (TRY: Vaginal Infection Detox & Relief Remedy) It contains herbs that increase circulation and detoxification, which will help your body to efficiently process all the synthetic hormones you’re taking in as birth control. One of the herbs in this formula, Mexican Wild Yam, contains phytochemicals that help your body more efficiently control its hormonal levels. I recommend this remedy to any women suffering from spotting or hormonally related discharge, as it’s really a feminine health powerhouse.
I’m sure that by trying this solution you will soon see a surcease in your brown downtown. Don’t fret anymore; this is just one more aspect of being a healthy, normal woman. Best wishes!

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