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Too Wet To Handle

Learn how a woman's excessive moisture down there could be something much more than a generous helping of discharge.
Case #: 1374

My husband knows how to please a woman. After years of being together, he manages to surprise me in bed, and each time we have sex, I feel so moist! But anyways, my problem is not engaging in sex or experiencing moisture—it’s the discharge. At least twice a month, I notice heavy discharge, and the discharge often lingers for two to three days. When the discharge arrives, the odor comes. Both the odor and discharge make my sex life impossible. I don’t take birth control pills and I clean myself daily down there. What’s wrong with me?

I think we all can agree; sex is never good dry and always great when wet. But what if it was too wet down there, to the point where you really couldn't feel any sexual activity during the actual act? It's not a very common condition, however, you're in no way alone in this situation.
Better When Wet

In fact, many women experience a higher flow of vaginal secretion just before they ovulate each month. There are some females that produce too much moisture during intercourse that leaves their sex life a bit lack-luster to say the very least. Luckily, there are only a handful of reasons why you're experiencing excessive moisture down there, and all possible outcomes are easily treatable.
Wetness Wipe-Down

A high level of vaginal wetness usually stems from excessive estrogen or oxytocin production mainly in the uterus and vagina. Abnormally high levels of the inflammatory hormone, prostaglandin E-2 in the vaginal tissues will also cause a noticeable increase of vaginal secretion during sexual intercourse. In most cases, the rise in estrogen levels and the increase of secretions is heavily linked to birth control use or prescription medication. However, there is always the possibility of vaginal nerve damage caused by a C-Section as well.
What To Watch Out For

Though most excessive vaginal discharge is easily treated, there are some variations that will take a more extensive approach. Pay attention to the details. If you're discharge is off color or is exuding a rather foul stench, there is a good chance that you have a vaginal infection. If this is the case, I would strongly recommend seeing your doctor as soon as possible. In this case specifically, I would definitely suggest having a chat with your OBGYN about the odor you're experiencing during the excessively wet times you're having. It could be nothing more than a common yeast infection, which is easily treated with at-home care. The faster you catch a vaginal infection, the quicker you may be rid of it.
A Natural Approach

Fortunately, there are some great natural herbs out there that can help to regulate your body's production of estrogen. Herbs like Dong Quia, Licorice, and Cornus are amazing natural resources that are especially accommodating for women. (SEE: Vaginal Dry Relief and Insensitivity Enhancer Formula) In addition to regulating your estrogen production levels, they will also prevent vaginal desensitization and give your sexual desire a real boost. The best part is, no chemical interference that could actually cause more harm than good.

What to do

Vaginal Insensitivity and Dryness Relief Remedy

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