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Something Has Damaged His Pipes

Here's a man suffering from serious problems with urination. Sometimes it hurts a lot, sometimes he keeps going back to the bathroom too often, and sometimes his flow is clogged with semen without any sexual arousal. What's happening to him? Read on, get the facts, and find out what you can do if his symptoms sound familiar.

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In the past six or eight months I have been [experiencing] pain at times when urinating, going frequently etc. There have been times when I experience great pain as if something is blocking the path of the urine but it is sperm flow without erection or sexual arousal. Should I get medical treatment?


Urination is an almost universal experience. Barring destruction of the urethra and necessitating alternative methods, everyone does it, and the mechanisms for getting urine out of the body normally make the process fast and efficient. The trouble is that the mechanisms can break down in many ways, leaving you feeling anxious or embarrassed or both. The symptoms you describe is technically known as “urethritis”.

The Flow's Too Hot

Urethritis has several possible causes. Some of them are just annoying. The most common cause is excessive masturbation, which can leave your prostate swollen and malfunctioning (prostatitis) or even damage to the veins inside the penis. It may also leave you with excess amounts of epinephrine in your bloodstream, which will speed up your body's consumption of several sugars and fats; you may also suffer from persistently low levels of serotonin, which may affect your digestion and mood.

The next-most common cause is letting certain substances get into your urethra; skin creams or lotions, soaps or even spermicides can all cause discomfort if they come in contact with the sensitive tissues on the inside of your penis. If your urethritis stems from either of these two sources, the symptoms should fade away on their own after a few weeks of avoiding masturbation or applying the products in such a way that they get into your urethra.

Unfortunately, there are more serious possibilities. Several sexually-transmitted diseases can produce the irritation and discharge you describe. Gonorrhea can start out with the irritation of urethritis, but if left unchecked can progress to many more serious conditions like testicular pain and arthritis in several joints, along with pelvic inflammatory disease if it's passed along to your female sexual partner.

Gonorrhea infection is often accompanied by chlamydia, which can cause several of the symptoms you describe on its own and may even result in blindness. We have to recommend that you see a health-care provider and get tested as soon as possible if your symptoms have persisted as long as you describe.

Gotta Clean The Pipes

Until you get your test results back, you have several options to explore. Your first response should be to reduce your sexual activity, with or without a partner, down as much as possible for about three weeks. The goal is to stop ejaculations for that entire period, but even just going reducing to once per week would be helpful. This will reduce the strain on your prostate and other organs in that part of your body, allowing them time to heal. Your health-care provider will have several other options for you to pursue, depending on the source of your urethritis, but one all-natural supplement you may consider using will help weaken any bacterial infections you may have.

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