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Testicular Pain – Issues Related to Testosterone Imbalance

This interesting case involves a happily married wife and her husband. They have a healthy sexual appetite for each other, but with rather unhealthy consequences for him, since he is experiencing problems with his testicles. Here, she asks for help, and we’re here to help...

Case #: 837


When my husband and I are making love and he is thrusting me I can feel his testicles swinging and hitting my anus. As he gets closer to ejaculating they start to elevate and then just before he ejaculates they pull way up and his scrotum becomes all tight. Along with this I can feel his penis lengthen and get harder. Why does this happen?


Big healthy balls; a symbol of male virility and reproductive vitality and vigor. We’ve all heard those oh so classy, timeless sayings: “Don’t you have the balls…?” and “Reach down and grab your stones, man!” I mean we hear these, and other similar pervasive idioms all throughout popular culture. Whether it is in film, books, video games, maybe a macho pissing contest at work, even in just day-to-day life.

Bing, Bang, Boom!

And in the military…forget about it. I used to hear those phrases day in and day out, sometimes multiple times per day. Of course I never used them…no, not me. Never [wink]. So what happens when a man actually develops a problem with his testes; one of the main attributes indicative of his manhood?

Ask any group of men where they think they’d least preferred to be kicked and invariably, most would say: “In the nuts.” According to, blunt force trauma accounts for about 85% of all testicular injuries. The cause can range from playing sports, automobile accidents, to straddling injuries from riding a motorcycle or a horse. And while most of the time this causes a great deal of pain, usually a man is able to recover and there is no long-lasting damage.

In your husband’s case, the cause here is low levels of testosterone. This has led to having undescended testes, which is allowing them to smack up against your body, resulting in injury to his scrotum. So how do we fix things for him?

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Tell him that you both need to take a break from sex for a couple of weeks. This will allow his body to start to rebalance its hormonal levels, and also give him a break in order for his poor testes to heal. A proper diet consisting of whole foods, as opposed to processed junk, will help to provide his body with the proper nutrients, vitamins and minerals that his body will need in its recovery process.

He can really move things along by taking a powerful healing formula, which will not only stimulate the production of more sperm (higher sperm count), but also promote higher testosterone levels. (SEE: Testicular Health Booster Formula) This will result in reversing any testicular shrinkage, and will also help to repair any damaged tissues within his scrotum. It’s great that you have a very vigorous sex life, now all you need to do is to get over this minor speed bump and help him get back to his normal hormonal levels.

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