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My 35 Year Old Boyfriend Is Unable to Make Me Orgasm Due To the Size and Hardness of His Penis

Her boyfriend is young and healthy, but can't satisfy her sexually. She wants to help him increase his penis size, as well as make it harder. Ladies, if your man needs the same kind of help, read on to see what you can do.

Case #: 849


My 35 year old boyfriend is unable to make me orgasm. I truly believe that part of it may be due to the size and hardness of his penis. He is never able to get his penis [quite] hard [enough]. Likewise, when it is fully erect, it is only about 4 1/2 [long] x 1" [thick]. What can he or I do to increase the size of his penis and increase its hardness?


Your man is wonderful you in so many other ways. Maybe he's wicked smart, maybe he makes you laugh at life's strange twists, and maybe he's an amazingly creative cook. Or maybe he just keeps the house cleaner than you do. Life with him is great... except in the bedroom. He just can't satisfy you, and he might not even fully satisfy himself.

Not Up To The Task

Men are told from the moment they hit puberty (and probably before) that bigger is better, whether “it” is their muscles, their income, or their penis. In a similar fashion, calling a man “rock hard” is generally considered a compliment, whether you're talking about his moral integrity, his overall musculature or his erection.

On the other hand, calling him any variation of “softy” is almost always an insult. Well, unless you're talking about how affectionately indulgent he is with his children, his partner, his pets or his employees, but that's a different issue.

Reasonable Expectations

The average human penis is five inches or more in length. Average girth is usually just under two inches. As it happens, increasing the length and girth with proper techniques, as well as improving his diet and helping him get more exercise, can result in wonderful side-benefits. His erection may strengthen, and it may start to last longer. But for now, let's work on answering your initial question: how can I help my man get bigger?

What Can I Do?

If your man doesn't measure up, he can try surgery, exercise or take supplements. All three options have their advantages and disadvantages. Surgery is the most expensive of the three, and carries the most risk. All it takes is one slip of the scalpel in the wrong place and your man may find himself completely impotent, or unable to fully sustain his new erection long enough to bring you to orgasm.

Adopting a specific exercise regimen is the least expensive, but still carries some risk if he works out too hard or too often; likewise, if he uses bad techniques or unsafe equipment, his penis may be badly damaged and leave you both even more unsatisfied. All-natural herbal supplements are less expensive than surgery, but perhaps most importantly it's almost impossible to cause lasting damage with this method. (SEE: Penis Growth and Enlargement Formula)

The one thing that all three options require is time. Your man won't jump from “Wee Willy” to “Massive Max” overnight. With patience and dedication, your man will find his confidence rising, and lasting longer and longer at a stretch. As your man goes through which ever option or combination, your best bet is to encourage him to stick with it and not stop until you're both satisfied. But by the same token, encourage him to keep his health-care provider informed about what he's doing, to make sure that no unwanted side-effects are sneaking into the picture.

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