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Mental Burnout & Exhaustion Remedy

Are Your Neurotransmitters Slacking Off?

The phenomenon of possessing and maintaining knowledge within the brain is not possible until connections are made between neurons. For example, remembering to buy your wife or girlfriend a gift on her birthday is possible because of the molecules known as “neurotransmitters.” These transmitters locate the information in the brain that remind you, “hey, go buy her a gift or prepare to deal with her incessant nagging!”

This Solution Maybe Helpful If You:
  • Mental fatigue & burnout
  • Feeling disillusioned, helpless, & completely worn out after sexual activities
  • Short term memory problems & forgetfulness (forgetting names of acquaintance, forgetting where you left things you use regularly, etc...)
  • Becoming easily distracted
  • Mood swings
  • Feeling increasingly helpless, hopeless, cynical, & resentful
Formulated To Fix Mental Burn Out & Exhaustion After Sex Based On These Healing Herbs: 

As we age, neurotransmitters start to decline. However, age alone is not the only factor to cause this phenomenon. Mental and sexual exhaustion, drug and alcohol abuse, and even a hormonal imbalance can cause a dearth in neurotransmitters.

“Aging” is an Excuse

During your twenties, your brain calls begin to deplete slowly. Your body starts to produce less and less of the chemicals needed for your brain cells to work. The older you are the more this limiting process affects your memory.

Aging may affect memory by changing the actual manner in which the brain stores information, making it harder to recall stored information. Aging usually affects the ability to recall recent events, but not short or long-term (remote) memory. Which explains why you “forgot” your wife said to mow the lawn, sweep the garage, wash the car, and clean the gutters—even after the 10th time she said to do it.

Know The Cause – Find The Treatment

Many men who are mentally and sexually exhausted due to compulsive masturbation have a significant build-up of stress hormones and will likely see a deeper decline of cognitive function starting around the age of 45. Additional mood disorders, memory problems, and erectile dysfunction will emerge if these men also suffer from Male Menopause (Andropause), caused by a drop in testosterone and key neurotransmitters.

NeurotranmittersFunctionBeneficial Herbs
DopamineVery important for body motion and rewarding feedback experiences.Key factor in sex addiction.Lack of dopamine can contribute to mood disorder and Parkinson's diseaseVinpocetine

AcetylcholinePlays an important role in attention, memory, and sleepPhosphatidylserine

SerotoninCrucial for mood, sleep, and appetite.Low levels of serotonin linked to suicide.Sacha Inchi

NorepinephrineRegulates blood pressure, heartbeat, moods, and sexual arousal.Rehmannia
Green Tea

GlutamateImportant for learning and memory. Small dose can activate high alertness.Phosphatidylserine

EndorphinsVery powerful pain blocker.Green Tea

GABAMost common inhibitory neurotransmitters.Plays a critical role in performance anxiety associated erectile dysfunction.Sacha Inchi

Why This Formula Is So Effective
An herbal blend of Vinpocetine, Sacha Inchi, Phosphatidylserine, Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Rehmannia, and Green Tea benefits cerebral metabolism through the dilation of blood vessels. Together these herbs improve blood flow to the brain and increase neuron use of glucose and oxygen, making red blood cells more pliable while inhibiting the aggregation of platelets. The overall effect is to modulate the production of neurotransmitters involved in the process of memory formation and other cognitive functions.

Bupleurum, Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Rehmannia, and Green Tea in this formula provide nutrients that are critical to cells of the liver. These herbs can synergistically increase the detoxification process of the liver to expel stress hormones and related by-product toxins. 

Take Control
Take control of your mind and replenish necessary brain nutrients by gradually restoring damaged neurons while stimulating your nerves cell to improve your overall cognitive skills. Depending on your health status, most people see significant results within 2 months of taking the formula. Improve your memory today.

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