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Irregular Periods Got You Down...Literally

Learn how a woman's PMS is getting out of hand, and what she can do to regulate her monthly friends.

Case #: 724


My wife is 28 years old and recently she has been suffering from irregular periods. This has been going on for the past year. We are not using any birth control methods, except for avoiding intercourse during the peak of period. We have one child that was birthed by C-section.


Though I am a true believer of the notion that we are all somewhat the same, there are some experiences in life that are completely unique to an individual. And menstruation activities seem to be at the top of the 'unique experience' list. Periods are like snowflakes, in the way that we all deal with, and go through different patterns of symptoms.

Period Problems

I personally had a lot of trouble the first few years of my menstrual cycle. I would bare through these terrible migraines when aunt flow would visit. The pain was so blinding that it would actually impair my vision, leaving me totally incapacitated for the entire day. The worst part was not knowing when they would hit. Because my periods were so irregular at the time, so were the migraines. Through these painful and interesting times, I've learned that menstruation is fickle when it comes to normality. It took a while, but a few years after puberty hit, I learned about some great natural solutions to my period problems.

Symptoms Of PMS

As a woman, I'd have to say one of the worst feelings is being in a not-so-pleasant mood and really having no reason to feel that way. Mood swings are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to premenstrual syndrome. Other symptoms include, but are not limited to: menstrual cramps, acne, joint or muscle pain, bloating, insomnia, weight gain, and a noticeable change in appetite.

Unfortunately, the exact cause of PMS is hard to pin point. However, there are a few contributing factors that may lead to the condition. It has been noted that cyclic changes run parallel with hormonal fluctuations, such as serotonin. These fluctuations seem to have a sever affect on the state of a woman's mood.

PMS Problem Solved

Like so many other problems, a lot of premenstrual syndrome trouble can be cleared up with some simple diet modification. (TRY: Natural solution for irregular menstrual periods) Staying away from processed foods and hormonally injected meats will not only help to normalize your period, it will also promote better moods during menstruation. Drinking a minimum of six cups of water will also help to keep the body clean of toxins throughout the day. I would also recommend utilizing organic herbs like Dong Quia, Mexican Wild Yam, and Passion Flower. These herbs will work together to increase blood circulation, cleanse the liver, and normalize the metabolism of certain hormones.

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