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Anytime I am with a few other ladies, whether it’s for a roller derby or drinks, the conversation invariably turns to our sex lives. Are we nymphomaniacs? I don’t think so. Some ladies like to brag about sex; some have questions it; and some are just along for the ride. How ever we end up on the conversation of sex, it’s always amazing listening to the bedroom behaviors of other women.
For my part, I’m always the one with the weird did-you-know facts, which are my forte. I can discourse at length about multiple orgasms, hormones and sex practices. But the facts that most ladies find interesting are those bits of information that involve heating up your sex life. So in the spirit of sorority, I’m going to lay some of my sexology on you!

Sweaty Freddy

How much do you love getting snuggly with a sweaty dude just back from the gym? Probably not much. But smelling him or his sweaty shirt will have you ready to join him in the shower. A study performed at UC Berkeley confirmed that women are sensitive to androstadienone, a hormonal compound found in male’s sweat and a hormone that increases a woman’s arousal and cortisol levels. For your heart to get racing and your senses to remain on high alert, cortisol needs to remain present to improve your sexual desires.
Being scared, meanwhile, releases dopamine in the brain, the same hormone that causes you to fall in love. While watching a scary movie, rock-climbing, or riding your bike through rush-hour traffic with your partner will boost both your feelings of attraction and your sexual desire. So get busy!

The Red Direction

Do you put much credence in colors? If not, you ought to. Red, as a clothing color, increases attraction levels in both men and women. For a woman to see a man in the color red gives her the subconscious idea of him being powerful and dynamic. For a woman to wear red means men see her as more passionate and sexual. Next time your man asks what color shirt to wear, point him towards the carmines.
Speaking of red, I’m sure you’ve all heard the positive remarks concerning red wine and heart health. Well, start considering wine for your sexual health, too! A glass of red wine, compared to other alcohol, or none at all, was shown to increase desire and vaginal lubrication. The tannins in wine have an antioxidant effect, dilating blood vessels for a quick sexual response.

A Handy Idea

Have you heard about the “touching hormone?” Oxytocin is a hormone that is released when we touch or are touched by a person from petting, stroking or holding hands. Oxytocin is too released during breastfeeding, which bonds mother to child, but oxytocin serves another essential purpose: stimulating uterine contractions for an orgasm. So if you want to feel closer to your partner and better prepared for an orgasm, surprise him or her with a back rub or a kiss on the neck.

Stretch It Out

Maybe you think yoga is boring. Maybe you’re wrong (just kidding)! But the studies don’t lie: yoga improves your connectivity with your own body, resulting in a better sexual experience. Plus, yoga improves your flexibility and circulation for healthier veins that equal better sexual responses.
Couples deserve the chance to spice things up where their relationships might be stale, so try something new for your relationship. 

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