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Deeper, Longer, Better: You’re Just a Breath Away from More Passionate Sex

Even the most loving couples can experience bedroom boredom. The same positions, the same noises, even the same outcomes. But a simple and effective way to rev up excitement is to breathe. We’re not talking about the subconscious inhaling and exhaling you do every day – we mean Tantric techniques that alert you to your partner’s feelings and help build tension for a more fulfilling release.
Forget the Gasps and Take a Deep Breath
When a woman is sexually aroused, her heart rate increases as her breathing becomes thinner. These reactions occur automatically, but they can cause slightly shallow orgasms. This explains why some girls feel unfulfilled even after a night of great lovemaking.
To enjoy more powerful orgasms, you need to be mindful of your breathing. This is the only physiological component of sex that can be controlled. Forego the short pants and take longer, deeper breaths as your partner touches you. You’ll build your pleasure plateau and postpone climax. When you do reach orgasm, it’ll feel like falling off a cliff – stunning.
First Solo, Then Together
Foreplay gets you ready for sex…breathing prepares you for foreplay. Before you ask why you would want to bother getting in the mood for foreplay, let us say this: it sweetens your sensitivity. And because you do it by yourself, it heightens anticipation for your partner.
Again, we’re not talking about any breathing, but that which draws energy to your genitals. The technique is simple: lie flat on your back and take deep belly breaths. Clear your mind of everything but your breathing. Once you’re relaxed, place your hand on your abdomen and focus on using the air you breathe and the touch of your hand to vitalize your genitals. The intensity of this experience might surprise you.
Share the Same Breath
If you want to know the key to dynamic sex, match your breathing to that of your partner’s. It’s a powerful way for the two of you to connect on a level deeper than physical touch. Don’t worry if it feels a little strange - the union it builds is well worth the initial discomfiture.
Start by lying face-to-face. Hold your partner’s gaze and match your breathing to his. The most natural way to do this is to inhale and exhale when he does. Make sure he’s keeping a pace that’s comfortable for both of you – synchronized breathing should be smooth and deep. The long breaths build arousal until you’re both ready to meld into each other.
Balance Your Energy Levels
A lot of women complain their men reach orgasm too quickly, meaning they get left behind in the dust. The foremost culprit is imbalanced sexual energy – men usually run at higher levels than women. The solution, as you probably guessed, is breathing.
You can think of this technique as a seesaw that moves up and down before leveling. Start by again facing your partner and staring into his eyes, but this time you straddle his lap. Here’s the key: you inhale when he exhales, and vice versa. Once you’ve established an easy rhythm, the two of you need to use your imaginations. You envision all of his sexual vitality infusing your genitals, and he does the same with your energy.
The idea is that each breath helps move this energy from one body to the other. As you inhale, you’re breathing in his vigor and moving it to your vagina. Then, as he inhales, he’s accepting your essence and pushing it to his penis. You arousal levels will meet in the middle so sex satisfies both of you.

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