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Who Knew Something So Good Could Turn So Bad: Over Masturbation as a Teen Means He Can’t Sustain an Erection as an Adult

As a teenager drunk on sexual discovery, his grandmother caught him masturbating and warned he would lose his manhood. Now, it seems her prophecy has come true: he can’t sustain an erection for sex. He knows the problem rests in his own hands, specifically over masturbation. Now he needs a way to undo all the years of damage so he can make love to a woman.
Case #: 2008

I am 30 years old and cannot have sex with a woman. I want to, but I can’t get hard. My grandmother warned me this would happen. Years ago, when I was in my early teens, she caught me masturbating as I watched the girls next door swim. This was nothing new – I sometimes masturbated four or five times a day back then. Since then, I’ve come to average twice daily. Anyway, when my grandma caught me, she told me I was going to “ruin my manhood.” While I don’t believe that happened, I do believe I’ve exhausted my penis with over masturbation. I speculate that’s why I can’t get an erection and make love to a girl. I also feel tired and not as aroused as normal. I hate this – can you suggest something to help?

There’s no polite way to say this, so we’ll be blunt: teenage boys masturbate - a lot. Nearly 100 percent have stimulated themselves before age 15, and some touch themselves as early as age six, before they can even orgasm. The average male masturbates eight times a week, and more can cause serious health problems. We’re not saying you’ll ruin your manhood or permanently go blind, but you will notice reduced sexual function. And if you can’t have sex, what was the point in touching yourself anyway?
It’s Good for the Health

Before we proceed, we need to impress the fact that masturbation is healthy. In 2011, the first-ever National Study of Teen Masturbation revealed boys and girls who pleasure themselves are more likely to practice safe sex. Because masturbation is such an intense expression of sexuality, it also influences a teen’s experiences with oral and anal sex, generally for the better. Teens who masturbate even enjoy greater confidence.
For adults, masturbation rids the body of old sperm so fresh are at the forefront. This is crucial to couples trying to get pregnant. Masturbation can also increase body awareness and add excitement to a sexual relationship.
But this doesn’t mean you should practice excessively. We can’t tell you how often you should engage, although some professionals advise against more than four times a week. The truth is this magic number lies in your body. Each person is different, so one guy might be able to get away with more than another. We therefore recommend you listen to your body.
Rules of Engagement

Masturbation entails more than the number of times you do it. You also need to be conscious of how, as in not lying on your stomach. The best way to pleasure yourself is on the bed, but, as you learned, many men also stand while they do it. Another popular method is sitting at the computer desk, generally to watch Internet porn.
As they orgasm, men try to prevent mess by squeezing their penises and stopping the spray of semen. This can cause serious damage to the nerves and blood vessels contained in the penis. So don’t be shy – enjoy your release and let it out.
Something most people joke about but never speak seriously of is masturbation etiquette. It should be a private matter, so lock the door while you engage. It’s a different matter if you have a partner who enjoys sexual openness. Otherwise, close the door to save embarrassment for you and the person who might walk in on you.
Too Much Turns You Soft

Over masturbation causes erectile dysfunction on a number of levels. Orgasm prompts the release of multiple chemicals in your body, and repeated release creates excessive levels of hormones that create a seesaw effect with testosterone. As they increase, testosterone drops and causes problems directly related to the penis: loss of sensitivity, weak muscles and desensitized nerves. Over masturbation also causes physical fatigue.
To relieve these symptoms and invigorate your sexual health, you need an herbal formula. We recommend ViaPal-hGH-C Youth Formula, blended just for men under 35 who over masturbated in their youth and now have trouble sustaining erections. (SEE: Natural Herbal Impotence Reversal Formula) ViaPal-hGH-C is formulated with such herbs as Saw Palmetto and Tribulus. Individually, these and other ingredients balance hormones and repair damaged nerves. When blended collectively, they also increase blood flow to the penis and replenish lost nutrients for stronger tissues. You’ll see these results in more satisfying erections that allow you to finally make love to a woman.

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