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How Diabetes Can Cause A Loss Of Erection

Her husband was diagnosed with diabetes 13 years ago. Although he takes insulin, his disease makes itself known in one undeniable way: he cannot maintain an erection. Lifestyle changes can help him (and her) once more enjoy the intimacy of sex.

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Help! My husband is diabetic and has been for 13 years. He is on shots two times daily. The last five years or so he cannot achieve an erection, but he can ejaculate during masturbation or oral sex. Why?


Male impotence is not a condition that impacts only the men who suffer; it also effects the women who love them. As the two of you grapple with intimacy issues, he has to face his own embarrassment because he can’t perform sexually. Meanwhile, you’re frustrated and left to ask what you must do to restore your relationship to its previous state of pleasure.

It’s a small comfort, but the two of you are not alone. Many men at some point experience erectile dysfunction, and approximately 10 percent of the male population suffers from long-term impotence. Those with diabetes are at especially high risk because the disease can damage blood vessels.

Diabetes and the Body

In healthy persons, insulin keeps blood sugar levels under tight control. The pancreas produce this hormone that lowers blood sugar when it rises after eating food. However, people with diabetes either don’t make enough of or completely lack insulin. Their blood sugar levels subsequently rise, and they experience such symptoms as frequent urination, excessive thirst and hunger and unexplained weight loss or gain.

Over time, diabetes interrupts the synthesis of enzymes necessary for strong and healthy blood vessels. Without those enzymes, blood vessels become weak and leaky. You can liken this condition to pipes that deteriorate without proper repair. Men like your husband thus lose blood flow to their extremities, including the penis. This results in erectile dysfunction, an extremely frustrating condition that often causes both partners to blame themselves.

Diabetic Neuropathies and Impotence

The other complication presented by diabetes is neuropathy, or nerve damage. Many different factors contribute to this, including abnormally low levels of insulin, damaged blood vessels and high blood sugar levels. A large number of diabetes patients suffer from neuropathy, and the condition can affect nearly all parts of the body: arms, legs and sex organs, just to name a few.

One of the best ways to prevent nerve damage is to control diabetes. Stable blood sugar levels keep nerves healthy and promote blood flow to the penis. Instability, on the other hand, can diminish normal sexual responses. This means your husband’s libido may remain unchanged, but his ability to engage in intercourse will slowly wane.

Emotional Aspect of Sexual Dysfunction

You must remember that sexual dysfunction involves more than just physical factors. Stages of arousal and desire start in the brain, meaning males and females alike must feel an emotional connection with their partners. This is not to say they must be in love, but that they must be attracted to and connected with partners.

Emotions like distrust, loss of confidence and stress contribute to impotence. For these reasons, you and your husband must remain open and honest with each other about your feelings. Explore other ways to be intimate – including cuddling and kissing – and spend quality time with each other to keep your marriage strong.

A Natural Remedy

Herbs have long been heralded for their healing powers; they have the ability to relieve a wide range of symptoms and can likewise improve your husband’s impotence. (SEE: Restore Erection Caused by Diabetes) A specially-blended formula with ingredients like Bitter Melon and American Ginseng specifically improves blood flow to the penis and repairs arteries damaged by diabetes. Your husband will see lasting erections, and you will see a return to wedded bliss.

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