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Snow White and a Loose Vagina: After Seven Children, Her Aging Vagina is Chasing Away Prince Charming

She has seven children who fill her with love and pride. Giving birth, however, has changed her vagina so it’s now loose. She doesn’t feel much sensation during intercourse, and she’s afraid the change to her body will turn away her husband.

Case #: 1128


I’m 45 years old and have seven kids. Sometimes I feel like Snow White, trapped inside my little cottage with seven adorable dwarfs. They each have their own personality, and I love each one for it. And while I may have captured my prince charming, I lost my magic touch. After the fifth child, I noticed my vaginal tightness disappear. I felt little sensation, and after number five, my symptoms worsened. Now, I barely feel any pleasure, and I am worried that my prince charming may leave me because of it. What can I do?


Vaginal looseness is not something most women like to talk about it because it’s hard to come to terms with. It is a reminder of age and time, and it’s also an admission that one’s body isn’t what it used to be. But in spite of what you might believe, this change is not the result of anything you’ve done. Many women suffer with vaginal looseness; the key is to understand how it happens and what you can do to feel more like your old self.

Childbirth and the Vagina

The female body is undeniably designed to expand and contract to accommodate intercourse and childbirth. Tissues in and around the vagina fill with blood, stretch and then return to normal. You might think of this process like an accordion, which also contracts and then resumes its standard shape. Although your body is never quite the same after having a baby, you learn to adjust to the small changes and move forward.

After each baby delivery, however, the vagina loses more elasticity. This organ is basically composed of blood vessels, tissues and muscle ridges that allow it to stretch in the first place. But just as the elastic on your favorite comfy pants loses its shape and becomes looser with time, so too does the vagina. It is to be expected that after seven children, your vagina is stretched more than before you gave birth. In other words, the muscle is fatigued and can no longer contract to its original form.

The Impact of Age

The only other factor that causes the vagina to stretch is age. By the time a woman is 40 years old, her estrogen levels have started to decrease. This is a natural process that occurs within the body as it ceases being fertile. Estrogen is responsible for maintaining strong, healthy vaginal walls. In their prime, these walls are thick and very elastic. Waning estrogen, however, causes the walls to lose elasticity and become thinner. This is why many women in perimenopause and menopause experience loose vaginas – their organs have aged along with the rest of their bodies.

What is an Aging Vagina?

The term aging vagina refers to the organ’s ability to expand and contract as intended. While it sounds derogatory, rest assured that “aging vagina” has nothing to do with the number of sexual partners you’ve had or the way you and your partner have sex. In your case, this term simply means you’ve given birth seven times – a huge feat – and have thus lost elasticity.

Your loss of sensation during sex is a result of your vaginal looseness. You can no longer grip your lover’s penis the way you once did during intercourse, and sex isn’t as pleasurable for either of you. He probably longs for the friction the two of you once created, and you feel embarrassed by the changes to your body. But this doesn’t have to mean Prince Charming is on his way out. You can reverse the effects of childbirth and age and again enjoy sex.

Remedy Fit for Royals

An herbal remedy for vaginal looseness will help tone your muscles and also improve feeling in your vagina. (SEE: Vaginal Restoration Formula) Ingredients like Muira Puama restore elasticity and increase sensitivity in vaginal nerve endings, while Guarana seed stimulate blood flow to the clitoris so you can effortlessly reach orgasm. This formula will improve your body in ways that your lover will surely notice so the two of you can live happily ever after.

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