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The Double Whammy! – Losing Your Penis Size & Your Sex Drive Because You’ve Packed on the Pounds

A man who used to be fit has slid off a little bit and now eats too many fatty/processed foods. While his waistline has expanded, his penis size has withdrawn and on top of that, he’s lost his libido. How can he hope to reverse this double-whammy?
Case #: 2024

Okay everybody I’ll admit it. I’m fat. Well, it wasn’t always this way. I used to be about 200 lbs. and I’m 6’1”. So I was in shape for a while. Then I got a job where I just sit around a lot.

It didn’t take long before I was going to lunch with my co-workers at the nearby fast-food and casual dining joints, and I gained a whopping 80 lbs. in the past 2 years! Now my sex drive has faded and my penis looks like it belongs on a toddler. What can I do to get things back to the way they were?
Tim sprayed some cologne on that he’d just purchased. This was a special occasion so he wanted to make things as perfect as possible. He looked into his bathroom mirror and began tucking his shirt in…after some effort, he finally got it in. He slicked his hair to the side, combing it one last time.
“You’re still the man! ” he said to himself, noting that in the past few years he’d slapped on about 60 lbs.
That wouldn’t matter; his first ever dating website date would be taken in by his charming wit and magnanimous personality.
Totally Beyond Bummed Out

An hour later, Tim waiting in front of the café down the street from his apartment; he’d spruced up his place to look perfect too, should he get lucky and convince his date to come back there with him.
He nervously scanned the streets for any sign of her, a light sheen of sweat on his brow. Suddenly, out of the crowd, came the woman that he knew had to be her. She looked even better than her pictures; her tanned body was hourglass-shaped, she had an oval face with soft features and big eyes, and large breasts that almost burst forth from a skimpy fashionable blouse.
She didn’t seem to notice him, and as she came closer, he presented to her the bouquet of flowers that he was grasping in his sweaty hands. She took one look at him, gasped, and said: “Oh, hell no!” She did a one-eighty and hurriedly disappeared back into the crowd. Tim felt crushed.
His second dating website date went better, as he chose a woman who was more comparable – looks-wise, to him. He got her back to his place and they had sex, but afterward, she quickly left. She emailed him later, saying that his penis had been too small to satisfy her.
What else could go wrong in my world? – he thought to himself.
When it’s Hard to Get Hard

The amount of overweight people on our planet Earth, especially in developed countries, has skyrocketed. A full 70% of Americans are now overweight. Fat people suffer from a range of disadvantages, including being publically humiliated, and socially shunned.
But for men in particular, being large isn’t being in charge, especially least in the bedroom. On the contrary, all that added bodyfat can impeded upon a man’s pelvic bone and surrounding areas. This can make a man with a larger penis appear to have a cherubic one; like one of the Roman or Greek statues of old.
Additionally, much of men’s excess bodyfat tends to center around the midsection. This can not only cause various health problems, but can also diminish testosterone levels. This can lead to an equally depleted sex drive. So what can one do to reverse these negative factors?
Say Hello to My (New) Big Friend!

The obvious first steps are to join a gym or group fitness class such as boot camp classes, and begin shedding that fat. Also, staying away from fatty foods (and too much of them) is crucial, since exercise won’t matter without a low-fat, healthy diet.
Most men need additional help, however, and that’s where taking a powerful herbal solution comes in. (TRY: Natural Herbal Penile Size Increase Formula) These mixtures are highly effective at doing the following:

  • Boosting androgen hormones and neurotransmitters for elevated sex drive
  • Creating a catalyst for expanded penile blood chambers for larger penis size
  • Eliminating collagen scaring allowing for increased blood flow to penis
  • Providing nitric oxide for prolonged hardness/erection strength

All of these factors combine and form a synthesis which enables a man to not only regain his proper penis size, but also last longer in bed. So rid yourself of the shame and embarrassment of being overweight, and expand your penis size as you whittle down your waistline. You can do it with all-natural botanicals!

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