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Drained – Causes of Male Menopause

This fascinating case involves a gentleman that has been feeling fatigued for quite some time. He turned to the healthcare system, but doctors can’t seem to find out what is causing his problems. If you’ve experienced this or know someone who has, you might want to check this out.

Case #: 1391


I've read other articles on the website, and maybe you can help me with my problem. After I ejaculate, I feel tired. No matter how in or out of shape I'm in. The exhaustion feels the same. It's like a sex hangover. I feel weak and lethargic the next day. It's hard to concentrate or find motivation. No amount of rest or naps can make the tiredness go away. It's obviously a hormonal thing because I can run 5 miles, and I'd still feel better the next day than after an ejaculation.


As a man, you bring home the bacon. You do not complain. You work long hours, often subjected to intense pressure, assailed by hazardous conditions and confronted by detrimental issues. And despite these insidious conditions, stresses and issues is it any surprise that your life expectancy trails your female counterpart?

Second Class

The most common cause of death for women: breast cancer; for men, prostate cancer. The most common non-life threatening ailment for women in their late 40s and early 50s is menopause. The most common non-life threatening ailment for men in their late 40s and 50s is? Male menopause? Not quite, but it is a common problem among men. Sure most men may not exhibit the common, telltale signs of male menopause, but men often experience some symptoms. And while most medical experts and healthcare professionals remain baffled by how or when the symptoms occur, most do agree that some type of hormonal change may occur to men.

The symptoms include loss of cognitive capabilities and focus, decreased energy levels that cause chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, mood swings, lowered desire for sex and soft erections. These match up with the symptoms that you describe—at least the fatigue.

Men in their 30s can experience symptoms, which often go undiagnosed. As men age, their sex hormone-binding globulin levels increase, and their available testosterone levels decrease. Since SHBG binds and transfers sex hormones throughout the body, it results in less testosterone necessary for bodily functions.

Consequently, sexual exhaustion, lower energy levels, and the other aforementioned symptoms can occur and throw men into a mental and physical tailspin. After you ejaculate, your cerebrospinal fluid becomes depleted, a depletion that lowers your dopamine, serotonin and acetylcholine, neurotransmitters that function as the “start button” for sexual desires. After you masturbate and ejaculate, you enter a post-orgasmic state, which causes your adrenal function to release more adrenaline into your blood stream, an issue that damages the autonomic nervous system and that shifts the system into a sympathetic state, which cause an over stressed “fight-or-flight” reaction.

So what can be done about this?

Reclaiming Your Powers

Natural herbal formulas, unlike pharmaceutical-grade prescription medications, can boost your faltering testosterone levels, and since they are all natural, no harmful or unhealthy side effects occur. (SEE: Herbal Remedies for Boosting Natural Testosterone) These rejuvenating botanicals integrate with your body’s systems and synthesize with its natural healing processes, augmenting your recovery process to re-supply the body with crucial neurotransmitters. Supplements also alleviate your stress levels. Eventually, your symptoms will fade away and allow you to get back to the raging tiger of love that you once were.

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