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His Cholesterol Medication Is Taking His Erections Off-the-Charts—By Completely Destroying His Erections!

He’s taking medicine for his high cholesterol, but it’s causing his erections to go down as well as his LDLs. Is there some sort of herbal solution for him? He needs a non-interactive solution so that he can continue taking his cholesterol medication.
Case #: 2086

I’ve just begun taking medication for my high cholesterol, and I’m already beginning to have less firm erections than before. Is there something I can take that will help me get my erections back, without interfering with my cholesterol meds? I’d rather have a disabled penis than a heart attack.

It’s so frustrating when a medicine you need to take for your health seems to have such a strong negative effect on your sex life! There are so many things that can go wrong in our bodies, and it seems unfair that we constantly have to dance around one problem or another to get the whole thing working together.
Statin Attack

In your instance, there have been several studies discussing the negative interaction of cholesterol medication on testosterone levels. Known as statin therapy, when men using anti-cholesterol medication were compared to the control group, they were found to be experiencing erectile dysfunction two, if not three, times as often. That’s an incredible amount! Why is it that medicine designed to lower cholesterol is also able to lower your erections? It’s due to the way that the statins attack cholesterol.
Cholesterol As A Building Block

It’s thought by researchers that because statins prevent the synthesis of cholesterol, the production of other cholesterol-derived products is influenced as well. It’s a little-known fact that testosterone is created from cholesterol in the adrenal glands, along with cortisol and progesterone. Studies suggest that stopping the production of cholesterol is leaving the body without enough to create proper stores of testosterone, thereby causing erection difficulties.
NO Erection

Without testosterone, the body also does not produce nitric oxide. This chemical compound is responsible for allowing blood to enter the penis. No NO, no erection. NO is not produced without an androgenic forerunner derived from testosterone. So, low cholesterol is effectively limiting all levels of your manhood. But we definitely want to keep you on your meds. So what can you do?
Terrific Tribulus

I suggest an herbal formula utilizing a testosterone-boosting plant known as Tribulus Terrestris. (TRY: Tribulus for Maximum Strength Erections) While this plant is so common as to be known as a weed in some areas, it’s been proven to stimulate sexual behavior in males. It’s been shows in numerous studies to increase testosterone, DHEA, and DHT—the very hormones you’re so in need of.
Tribulus Terrestris has been used in Ayurvedic practices for millennia. It’s known to improve sexual function, as well as improving tissue health—in the reproductive region especially. It doesn’t have any conflicting indications for usage, and will definitely give you back the boost you’ve been missing in the bedroom. Don’t let your medicine get you down in any way it isn’t supposed to. Take back your love life with one simple change!

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Tribulus Can Boost Your Weak Erection

The penis just lies in wait. A few quick and gently tugs might awake it from its slumber.

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