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To Bust or Not To Bust–Cuming Too Quick

Here we find a young man who is supposedly in his sexual prime,but you wouldn’t know it because he is shooting his loads too quickly.How can he hope to solve this problem without getting on some potentially hazardous meds?



I am 20 years old and lost my virginity 5 months ago to the same girl I'm dating.So far,everything has gone good and we have had sex at least once every month.There is one problem when we have sex,and it's with me.I can't last longer than 2 minutes and this has really bothered both of us because I feel ashamed and she hasn't said anything,but I know she wishes I lasted longer.I make her squirt so she doesn't say anything bad about me lasting less than 2 minutes.Please,can you help me last longer?


As a gamer I obviously play a lot of video games,and sometimes review them for publications.A few years ago,I’d heard about one particular racing game(that I won’t name but pretty sure you might be able to tell which one)that was coming out that sounded really fun.

It was an arcade-y racer which portrayed the game like it was on a reality TV show,and opponents had to compete with each other in live events.During these intense matches,a driver could trigger different sorts of disastrous events which could change the course and outcome of each competition;such as making a tanker explode,etc.

Activated at the right time,these could be real game changers which could spell doom for fellow drivers as they either collided with these calamities or careened out of control trying to avoid them.Although I enjoyed this game,many of its detractors cited that its destructible environments and“power-play”mechanics of messing with other drivers became a tired gimmick,and I sort of saw their point.

The Gimmick Lasts Only So Long

Similarly,making a girl squirt or something snazzy like that might last for a while,but eventually she’s going to want to go for an exhilarating ride with you all the way to the finish line.

Premature ejaculation is more common than you think,and has a myriad of causes.From having a nervous system which misfires its neurotransmitters and causes one’s ejaculatory system to blast too soon,to simply being too stressed and nervous about sexual encounters.Heck,even having a thyroid problem can affect your ability to hold back your splooge.

In any event,this issue is quite treatable;let’s look at one such effective remedy...

From Gimmick to Loving Her Long-Time

Want to put the kibosh on busting nuts too fast?Consider putting a freeze on those nerves by using a natural desensitizer.(SEE:Desensitizers for Improved Performance)A desensitizer(which comes in either spray or lotion forms)can go to work by quieting your overactive neurotransmitters and penile nerves,allowing for some longer sexy-time as well as a few screaming orgasms and quivering legs.

While these helpful products can boost your sex session time records,applying too much may prove to be a little too effective in that you may not only feel nothing with your wiener,but you may also cause some numbness to your lover’s vagina.

The best course of action might be to talk to your sex partner about what you’re trying to accomplish with your new wonder-product and have her help you experiment with it.Eventually,you can find the perfect pleasure/desensitization ratio and can reclaim control over shooting your load whenever you want.Sound good?Well,take the first step and get back to a fun,full,sex life!

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