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Pumped Until Your Member Slumps – The Infamous Penis Pump

A while back I noticed one day that there was a very loud machine-like sound that started coming from one of my neighbor’s houses. Since this neighbor in particular was a gadget freak I assumed that the noise was some sort of power tool such as a power saw or something of that nature.
Well a couple of days later while crossing paths with this neighbor I asked him what his new toy was and he asked me to guess. After several wrong guesses he finally revealed that he’d gone to the local hardware store and purchased a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. Of course then he just had to show it to me and so he invited me in.
I must admit I was pretty impressed with his new beast of a vacuum cleaner, which was large and heavy looking, with a big suction tube. Unfortunately however, I’d had to listen to the loud noise it made quite frequently since my neighbor used it almost every other day. But not for long...
A Timely Malfunction
One day while clenching my jaw and wincing at the loud vacuum cleaner sounds emanating from my neighbor’s house, it suddenly made a shrill crackling noise and then…all was quiet. I went over to his place to see what had happened and tried my best to suppress laughter as he told me his vacuum had accidentally sucked a tennis ball up into its suction hose. That had damaged the motor, and from there he settled for a less powerful vacuum which was great news for my ears.
A Correlation
We as men just love our gadgets and tools, and so when the vacuum incident was taking place it got me to thinking about how painful it would have been to get your penis sucked up into such a device. Ouch! Then my mind wandered to a certain toy that men already actually use on their members: the penis pump.
Penis pumps are sought out high, low, and everywhere in-between, by men looking for a little (or a lot) of size increase downstairs. The actual utilization of a penis pump is actually pretty simple; a man stuffs his member into the tube part of the pump and then activated its motor. This in turn literally sucks the local blood supply into his wiener which creates an artificial erection.
Because most men aren’t aware of how delicate and complex their penis is, they can tend to go overboard with their penis pumps and use them too frequently or at too high of a power setting. When this happens, a man can cause damage to his member because the suction created by the penis pump can rip through penile tissues and tear apart nerve endings within his penis. This can result in a bruised penis with a loss in penile sensitivity (and sometimes even total numbness!), which looks like a twisted spaghetti noodle that got left in boiling water for too long. So how does one reverse all of this damage?
Real Recovery
Try using that penis pump for something more useful such as a door-stop. This will give your penis some time to begin to heal itself and recover from all of the damage that you’ve inflicted on it.
Another way of helping to heal your penis is by using a potent herbal lotion on your member. (SEE: Natural Lotions for Penis Size Enhancement) Since that pesky penis pump has caused tiny fractures within the interconnected penile chambers which normally engorge with blood (corpora cavernosa) upon arousal, you can become unable to get and/or maintain a proper erection.
These all-natural solutions can help to reverse the damage caused to your penile tissues and nerves, resulting in not only a return to your former penis size, but firmer erections once again. Elements such as Aloe and Gingko can penetrate deep into penile cells and repair them, eliminating any penile pain and discomfort that you’re suffering from.
The transdermal properties of these solutions can also deliver nutrients deep into your subcutaneous penile tissues and dissolve any plaque build-up or scar tissue that may have developed. In just a few weeks you can go from having a Mr. Softy to having a Mr. Stiffy, while regaining your original penis size. Just remember to leave the power vacuuming to people like my neighbor, at least on yourself that is.

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