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Can’t Hold Back – Issues Related to Excessive Masturbation

This case covers a man that, through obsessive masturbation over a lengthy period of time, has led to some unwanted side effects such as uncontrollable ejaculation and some serious back pains. What are the causes and solutions to these issues?

Case #: 1298


I have something very unusual. After masturbation few years back I felt pain in my back particularly in lower back. I have seen many doctors including neurologist regarding this problem but nobody was able to help. First they found out that my Uric acid was too high, and advised me to take "Allopurinol" to control it. Not much improvement. When this all started the pain used to go away 2 days after sex, but it has become sort of permanent i.e. I am always having some pain in my back muscles and it becomes sever after having sex and early in the morning. I am facing premature ejaculation problem as well, I will ejaculate immediately when my sex partner gives me oral sex. I started masturbate at my age 13 until last year when I stop it, due to serious lower back pain. I look forward to hearing some solution to this problem from you, thanks for your time. Let me know if you want any other information.


Think of your body as a healthy tree, if you water it moderately it will remain healthy and keep growing. Too much water however, causes it harm. What happens to your body when you are getting ready for a little sexy-time is that your brain fires off neurochemicals through tiny synaptic pathways down to your genitals, signaling a release of numerous sex hormones which both power your sex drive, engorge your penis with blood, and maintain your ability to keep an erection going throughout the course of sexual activity.

Flooding the Tree

Think of it as putting your reproductive system through a rigorous workout resulting in some wear and tear. After sex, in order to help in your body’s repairs an anti-inflammatory chemical called prostaglandin E-2 is released which smooth’s out and calms your muscles. Similar to using too much water for a tree, too much prostaglandin E-2 build-up over time combined with burning out your hormones results in your body becoming inflamed, causing pain.

That’s not all; too much accumulation of prostaglandin E-2 can damage your parasympathetic nerves which control the valve which keeps your semen in check. This results in early ejaculation and a less than impressive sex life. Another harmful side-effect of masturbating too much without much rest is that your body isn’t able to keep up with converting dopamine to norepinephrine-epinephrine, further wreaking havoc on your parasympathetic nervous system, and can even interfere with the fuel that fires your sexual activity. So what can you do to combat these symptoms?

A Natural Recovery

First, you’ll want to immediately halt any sexual activity. Yes; this includes both intercourse as well as masturbation. Explain that you’re taking a break for a while which in the short term won’t be much fun but over time you’ll bounce back to your normal sexually animalistic ways. This will also give your overtaxed liver a chance to recover and start to get back to normal hormonal production levels as well as eradicate your bodily impurities.

If you want to accelerate the healing process, taking a natural botanical formula is not only harmless, but is much more effective than pharmaceutical medications in helping you achieve positive results. (TRY: Herbal Back Pain Relief) The special properties in these natural remedies can bring your prostaglandin E-2 levels back down from their inflammatory levels, and also help your recover from sexual fatigue, ending your back pain. They can also repair and rejuvenate your parasympathetic nerves, allowing you to control your ejaculatory valve again. When your symptoms go away, you can go back to masturbation, but only engage in it 3-4 times a week instead of every day like before.

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