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Thinning Out Up Top & Down below – Hair Loss Medications

A gentleman has been taking hair meds for thinning hair and also whacking the wizard a lot in the past. His hair is still thinning and if that weren’t enough, his erections are weaker.

Case #: 1851


I have recently noticed over the past year decreased penile sensation, poor erection quality, loss of morning erections, low ejaculatory volume and occasional pain in testes. I still think about sex a lot but do not have an erection when I do. I have two issues: I used hair loss supplements and medicines over the last 5-6 years. I would also masturbate frequently. What do you recommend?


George looked into the bathroom mirror again; was that balding patch over his forehead growing? No…it just can’t be! He was all set to take his vacation down to Brazil next week and wanted to hit the hotel and beach bars so that he could hopefully hook up with some of the famous big bootie Brazilian natives. But now he felt insecure about himself and would most likely resort to wearing a baseball cap everywhere he went…even into the hotel pool and also in the water at the equally famous beaches.

George left his bathroom disgruntled and shaking his head. As he entered his bedroom he grabbed a tube of lube and turned on some porn, preparing for yet another masturbation session, his forth for the day.

All Too Common

As in your case, George’s, and many other men who begin to lose their hair, looking for different solutions in order to gain it back or at least stop losses is at the top of the list. Numerous hair treatment medications are out there, all shiny and glossy and promising to solve hair loss issues. Unfortunately, doctors who prescribe these drugs more often than not never tell the patient of the harmful side-effects, in this case an incredibly shrinking penis as well as no hair loss stoppage.

Hair loss can be triggered by a dwindling supply of DHEA, testosterone, HGH, and other growth factors, while epinephrine and cortisol levels go up. When you masturbate too much, you can cause an acceleration of the testosterone – DHT conversion, which triggers a super stressed-out fight or flight reaction in your body. This in turn causes cortisol levels to spike, leading to constricted arteries and poor blood circulation, resulting in wimpy erections and more hair loss.

In addition, hair loss drugs can inhibit DHT intake and further ruin your chances at hair growth while putting a nail in the coffin as far as your sex life is concerned. Want to turn things around? Read on...

Drop the Wizard – Pick up the Botanicals

It’s understandable that hair loss can cause you to stress out a little, but try not to rely on masturbation as the “go-to” thing for stress relief since it’s part of the problem in the first place.

Hair loss medications can harmful to your body and alter its chemistry in unforeseen ways. Botanical hair loss solutions, on the other hand, can bond with your body’s natural healing processes and boost its resources to new levels. They can do this by super-charging your liver and enabling it to block DHT from bonding with your hair follicles. In addition to that, they increase your blood circulation, including under your scalp, allowing for more nutrients to saturate the area.

This can all lead to having a naturally fuller head of hair over time, and an increase in erection quality. So get back into the game – you deserve it after all!

What to do

Botanical Tincture For Hair Loss & Exhaustion

Forget the hair transplants, try an all-natural tincture for natural hair regrowth.

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