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THE PLEASURES OF FLYING TOO HIGH – Issues Caused by Over Masturbation

Here’s an interesting case of a middle-aged, married gentleman who has been having a little too much fun with Mr. Happy. He has found himself suffering from chronic fatigue. If you’ve ever experienced these symptoms, you’ll definitely want to read this fascinating case study.

Case #: 556


I'm 48 year-old male. I'm married. I've been masturbating since I was 10. I don't do it very often, but now I went to a natural doctor and my neurotransmitters are low. And I feel really strange -- tired, fatigued, nervous. What should I do? I can hardly work or do daily activities.


Sputtering Plane

Flying a plane can be a fun experience; heck even riding as a passenger can make one feel all giddy inside. Rolling down the runway, hitting those engines, and lifting off “Terra Firma,” solid earth provides excitement. And the ascent through the clouds away from Earth provides a rush of adrenaline that no feeling can provide.

What happens when your plane starts to become a little older and its parts become a little worn down? You’re getting older, and even though your mind is telling you that you’re doing yourself a favor by masturbating, your body has been depleted of hormones.

You’ve been hitting that afterburner button a little too much, and your plane’s older parts aren’t responding like they used to. In fact, now you’re starting to sputter in midair; a precarious situation that can worsen with chronic masturbation. So how do we avoid a tailspin?

Safe Landing

One of the first things that you need to do is land that baby and pull it into a garage for some much needed repairs. Mitochondria, which are the microscopic organs inside of your cells, provide power for each cell. They convert raw energy into other forms that are then usable by your cells. In short; they generate fuel for cell activities. Since you are a little older now, you naturally have aging mitochondria that are less efficient at powering each cell and converting fuel to energy.

Resting your plane in a garage for three weeks and abstaining from masturbation will give your body some rest. Rest will also let the body build up and replenish resources, like hormones and neurotransmitters.

Also, taking a natural healing remedy (recover from Mitocondria Fatigue) can aid in your recuperation and accelerate the healing process. These powerful herbal formulas promote the production of DHS, phosphatidylserene, dopamine, and mitochondria functionality, chemicals and processes that balance your out of control hormonal levels and alleviate fatigue. This will all allow for much smoother and stable flight. You may no longer be in a leer jet, but you won’t be in a 1920s biplane either.

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