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From Making It Fast to Making it Last–Don't Let Nerves Kill Your Sex Life

Millions of men are impacted by premature ejaculation,and quite often,the problem is as simple as performance anxiety.Learn how you can calm those restless nerves and enjoy the experience all night long.



I was always a nervous kid.When I was in elementary school,I feared walking across the crosswalk.When I was in middle school,I feared being bullied by the older kids.And when I was in high school,I feared asking out a girl to a dance.Now in my late 20s,I still fear everyday,common activities,walking to my car in the dark,driving late at night,and using my phone to communicate.And my anxious attitude too makes sex,well,short.I ejaculate way too soon,and now I fear my current girlfriend will leave me if I do not improve.


Nothing will ruin the mood in the bedroom quite like chronic nervousness.The trembling,the rambling,the fidgeting,the lack of eye contact,the total...oops,I just finished.I'm so sorry.That's never happened to me before.I mean,you're just so beautiful.Was it good for you?I'm sorry,that was a stupid question.It's just been a crazy day,and my god,no one has ever touched me like that before.Wow,I must look like a real schmuck right now...

Sound familiar?If so,you're not alone.Sex can be a tense activity for even the most confident guys among us,but if you don't get the nerves under control,you'll have more to worry about than sexual promptitude.The problem may even kill your relationship.I think you have already come to that realization,and that's why you're seeking advice.So you've already taken the all-important first step,and now we just need to calm you the hell down.

Sex–It's Not So Scary

Performance anxiety is a leading cause of premature ejaculation.The simple reason is that your body is registering a natural evolutionary response to fear(“Danger!Let's get this over with and get out of here,fast!”).The complex reason is that anxiety disrupts your endocrine and nervous system.Anxiety-prone individuals tend to stimulate a great deal of activity in the section of the brain known as the Nucleus Accumbens,and this can lead to a depletion of two important neurotransmitters:GABA and serotonin.As a result of insufficient neurochemical balance,your norandrenergic sympathetic nerve function overpowers the parasympathetic nerve control of your ejaculation.But of course,neuroscience is of little comfort to the orgasmically afflicted,so let's take a look at the solution.

Take Back the Night

Since performance anxiety is causing you to come faster than a dog to a can opener,you need to focus first and foremost on easing those nerves.There are some great calming herbs that rejuvenate the parasympathetic nervous system and promote longer lasting enjoyment in the bedroom(or in the shower,on the kitchen table,in the dungeon,or whatever you're into...).(SEE:Calming Pills for Prematurely Ejaculating Caused by Anxiety)Also,if indeed you have suffered from extreme timidness since childhood,you may benefit from speaking to a professional counselor about the underlying causes of your trauma.Just try not to spill your entire story in under 5 minutes(sorry,couldn't resist).

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Calm Pills For Hyperactively Aroused Premature Ejaculation

If you suffer from P.E.problems caused by anxiety or worry,take the formula to calm your spirit.

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