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Zombie Crotch – Penile Stench Problems & Over Masturbation

This gentleman has been whacking the wizard a little too much and now his penis smells like he belongs to the undead. How can he reverse this problem?

Case #: 1653


I have been experiencing a problem since I started puberty at the age of 13. When I reached puberty I also started masturbating at the same age. I clean my penis by pulling the foreskin back in the shower and bath then wiping but it still smells. I clean it at least once a day and the only place that the smell seems to get back to is from the penis near the foreskin. I have centralized it there. I think the reason it might smell is because there is some place in the head of my penis that I can't clean all that well. Could this be the reason? It wasn't a problem right after I entered puberty but I think it started when I started to masturbate. Please help me.


Gary had been going through a serious dry spell with regards to his sex life. As he emerged from his early teens he’d been proud to have had at least one sexual conquest per month, but now at 22 years of age and supposedly in the middle of his sexual prime, his sex life had evaporated and was about as dry as the great Sahara Desert. For a while, he chalked it up to maybe not adjusting his game with the times, but then he finally came around to ending the denial; his penis had begun to smell like old dead fish.

This stressed him out, so he increased his weekly masturbatory sessions from two or three times a week to every day, and eventually several times per day. But things just got worse; the more he jacked-off, the more putrid his penile stench problem became until he felt as though he was a member of the walking dead and was shambling around with a rotting dead penis, and scaring girls away.

The Walking Dead Head

First of all, do not feel like you are all alone; a lot of guys masturbate as a way of relieving stress, and also as a stand-in for sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, many men can come to rely on whacking the wizard as a crutch, and can not only blow out their body’s supply of sex hormones and neurochemicals, but also accelerate the build-up of old dried sperm on their penises. So how do you turn things around and rid yourself of that disgusting smell?

Dawn of the New Head

First, decrease the frequency of your masturbation sessions to three to four times a week. This will give your body a chance to recover.

However, if you want to get serious about getting rid of your smell problems, taking a powerful herbal mixture can really help. (SEE: Bad Penis Smell Go Away Formula) The specialized botanical properties in these remedies can synthesize with your body’s natural healing process, boost your liver and kidney function, and rebalance the pH levels within your prostate. They can also eliminate the smelly additives which cause your penis to smell like rotting flesh. Another benefit includes the promotion of healthy blood cells and the elimination of blood stasis.

So reclaim a smell-free life which will have girls running to you instead of away from you. You only have one body to go around in this lifetime, so take care of it!

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