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Penis Size of 5 Inches or Less: A Man’s Guide to Enlargement

A pencil, a book, a large-sized vitamin bottle and a small-sized notepad--what do all of these items have in common? They all measure longer than 5 inches. When you compare your erect penis size to these items, thoughts of depression, embarrassment and low self-esteem start to crowd your mind, but before you let your mind become overtaken by negative thoughts, you can change your situation.

The Story of Every Man

Every man wants a larger penis. According to studies, most men rank penis size as one of the most desirable body modifications, next to hair and height, and even less surprising, reports state that most men have researched or even purchased male enhancement products, including pills, products and even techniques.
But why, exactly, do men desire a larger penis?

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Focus on pleasing your partner, not on the performance.
Don't Let Premature Ejaculation be another issue.

  1. Masculinity influences a man’s desire for a larger, wider penis. Men view a penis as a sign of masculinity, and a larger size equals a more fertile, masculine man.
  2. Pornography continues to dupe men into thinking that a large penis remains the norm. However, adult film stars remain part of a rare group of men blessed with an abnormally huge member.
  3. Cultural expectations too influence a man’s desire to get bigger. Men are duped by advertisers, male expectations and society norms to value—and desire—a longer, wider penis.
Dangerous Enlargement Techniques

Online advertisements promise a large, longer penis without any side effects. Some methods may indeed achieve results, but most induce harmful techniques while injecting even more insidious chemicals into the body. Perhaps the most dangers techniques and stretches include:

Want to Experience Improved Penis Enlargement? Find Out How Our Experts and Community Can Help You.
By sharing your comments and concerns on the following forum topic, Herballove experts and community members can offer tips, proper diet advice and products for improving your penis size. If you have a comment or concern, please sign in or register to post your opinions in the comments below. If you want to recover, the following information can prove vital:   
  • How often do you masturbate? 
  • What do you want to grow? Length? Width? Both?
  • What’s your current age?
  • Do you experience any health conditions that could damage your penile growth? Diabetes? High Blood Pressure? Obesity?
  • Do you take any medications?
  • What does your diet consist of?
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