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Vibrating Cock and Testicle Rings Guide - Temporary Help For Urgent Moment

Ancient Egyptian civilization gets credited for its accomplishments in astronomy. It earns respect for its invention of the calendar. It even garners praise for its invention of its own written language. What it doesn’t get enough credit for is its invention of the first sexual enhancement toy—the penis weight. By strapping crude weights onto the penis, ancient Egyptian men could stretch their penises. How effective were the results is up for debate. Today, sexual enhancement toys remain a firmly entrenched market, servicing men and women with everything from pleasure toys to products for enhancement.

One of the most popular—and most controversial— devices remain cock rings. These small devices strap onto the penis to provide pleasure while enhancing erectile strength. For men with impotence or weak erections, the rings offer a confidence boost. But these tiny devices also serve to please ladies. And the latest invention--vibrating cock and testicle rings--seem to be garnering plenty of attention from users.

Helpful For
Before you discredit cock rings and vibrating testicle rings, men do find the devices both pleasurable and helpful for a multitude of ailments, including
Erectile Dysfunction
Weak Erections
Premature Ejaculations
Female Orgasm Dysfunction
The tiny pulsating motor strapped to a man’s penis and testicles sends a small jolt of pleasure throughout a guy’s body. Think of these devices like mini vibrators—but for males. Even though these toys are suited for men, ladies too can benefit from the pulsating motions during each thrust.

Risks Versus Benefits
Men who use these vibrating rings for both the penis and the testicles should understand the possible complications from overuse. According to most manufacturers, rings should not be kept on the penis for longer than 30 minutes. Using the rings for longer can result in
Scar tissue
Vein ruptures
For men who try these rings, the benefits include
Harder erections
Improved stimulation
Satisfied partners
While most men can consider these rings strange, and maybe a bit uncomfortable, the use can provide a cure for common sexual dysfunctions. Even ladies will agree, the use of these cock rings can enhance their sexual experience.

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