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Stop Eye Twitching, Naturally

It’s common to experience some type of eye twitching. Most twitching occurs because of a chemical reaction that causes the surrounding muscles to convulse. When twitching occurs for other reasons, such as exhaustion, problems arise.

This Solution Can Help
  • Ease eye twitching problems caused by mental and sexual exhaustion
  • Stop involuntary eyelid twitching or abnormal blinking
  • Impede eye muscle spasms
  • Reduce eye strain, blurred vision, and eye-floater problems 
  • Prevent uncontrolled squinting, winking, and blinking
People who are exhausted—both sexually and mentally---may experience myriad eye twitching that can exasperate individuals day and night. Psychotherapists believe eye twitching may be the body's inderect method for releasing stress. Whether true or not,  prevalent eye twitching may be a sign of sexual exhaustion. Below are some methods for curing persistent eye twitching caused by exhaustion.
Herbal Remedies
Nettle (Urtica Dioica), Passion Flower, Paeonia Lactoflora, Cornus, Morinada, Nacre, and Avena Sativa contain rich amounts of Magnesium, Selenium,  and Vitamin C and B complexes, nutrients that are necessary for body metabolism. These nutrients involved are in at least 350 different enzymes that keep the body running at optimal conditions.

For example, a slight deficiency of Magnesium and Selenium can cause depression, headaches, pain in the lower back, stiff muscles, disruption of sleep patterns, and eye twitching. More severe Magnesium and vitamin deficiencies can lead to serious muscle cramps, calcium deposits, muscle twitches, and tics.

The solution can
  • Replenish essential nutrients and minerals that are necessary for the nerves that control eyelids
  • Provide necessary nutrients to basal ganglion, the part of the brain responsible for controlling the eye muscles
  • Accelerate recovery from sexual exhaustion
Herbal formulas that contain Passion Flower, Nacre, Dong Quai, and Ostrea Gigas provide a strong herbal-mineral interaction that calm and rejuvenate overstressed nerves in the body. These nutrients also help the calcium ion channels in the body properly work and reduce eye twitching caused by mental and sexual exhaustion.
Acupuncture is the most effective non-drug treatment. An experienced acupuncturist might apply acupuncture points in the following areas:
  • Du-20 - located at the top of the head
  • Liver-3 – located between the big toes and adjacent toes
  • Large Intestine 4 – located between pointer fingers and thumbs
  • Heart 3 – located around the elbow
Massaging these acupuncture points while taking herbal supplements can accelerate the recovery of exhausted nerves. These acupuncture points stimulate bioenergy flows around the whole body, improving circulation and promoting the self-healing process.
Cool Press
Take a clean towel. Soak it in cold water. Wring it out, and then fold it into a comfortable size that covers your eyes. Place the compress over your eyes for 20 minutes. Cold water constricts the blood vessels around the eyes and draws blood away from the eye muscles. If you think you can sustain the freezing cold sensation, try a freezer eye mask .
Breathing or Mediation
Practice breathing exercises or Harmonic Qi Gong for at least 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes before bed. Qi Gong and meditation help the mind to both relax and reduce stress hormones.

Keep yourself hydrated, but avoid alcohol, coffee, and energy drinks. See an optometrist if the twitching continues for several days, if you experience numbness in the face, or if the size of your pupils are not the same.
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