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Hair Loss - Caused by Over Masturbation

Men are more self-conscious about hair loss than they are about penis size. They believe that a full head of hair is an indication of potent sexuality and virility. But a high percentage of men lose hair as they age, a progression that often starts in their 20s or 30s. Hair loss treatments vary, as do the causes. But often treatments fail because doctors misdiagnose the issue. For some men, hair loss may be caused by a stressful physical response triggered by over masturbation or sexual exhaustion.

Do most people say your hair loss makes you look older? A prematurely-aged appearance, coupled with thinning hair, is often the result of sexual exhaustion. Other signs of sexual exhaustion include lower back pain, fatigue, altered sleep cycles, and an absence of morning erections. If you experience these signs, you too may suffer from a severe form of sexual exhaustion and hair loss.

Stages of Masturbation Addiction and Hair Loss Progression
After years of excessive masturbation, males will begin to notice different stages of hair loss, depending on the severity of their masturbatory activity.

Problematic Hair Loss—During the problematic stages of over masturbation, males ages 16-30 will experience receding hairlines, while other common symptoms will include mood swings and fatigue...(more)
What to do: Botanical Formula For Problematic Hair Loss.

Severe Hair Loss—During the severe stages of over masturbation, males ages 18-45 will experience sudden hair loss along with fatigue, back pain, sleep disturbances, mood swings and weak erections...(more)
Very Severe Hair Loss—During the addictive stage of over masturbation, males ages 25-45 will experience orange-sized bald spots as well as fatigue, back pain, insomnia, anxiety, prostate and erection issues...(more)

Extremely Severe Hair Loss—During the severely addictive stages of over masturbation, males ages 30-65 will start to suffer from severe hair loss that may include associated symptoms such as fatigue, back pain, insomnia, anxiety, suppressed immune system, and prostate and erection problems...(more)
What to do: Natural Remedy For Extremely Severe Hair Loss.

Hair Loss Caused by Over masturbation
Think of masturbation as a chemical reaction that unleashes a bevy of hormones, proteins and neurotransmitters. After an ejaculation, the body triggers a testosterone to DHT conversion in the prostate and testicles. And years of excessive masturbation result will result in an enormous DHT buildup that damages hair follicles and their roots. According to the American Hair Loss Association, DHT will start to
  • Attack hair follicles
  • Interfere with nutritional supplies of hair roots
  • Stimulate the sebaceious gland for an oily scalp
  • Trigger a production of cortisol, which induces high levels of prolactin and reduces DHEA, HGH and testosterone production
In addition, exposure to stress and steroid-related toxins likely increase the activity of 5-alpha reductase for greater testosterone-DHT conversion. Excessive amounts of the amino acid L-arginine, in conjunction with a high level of androgen hormone, can over excite the nervous system for excessive testosterone-DHT conversion that triggers a stress response.

In order to reverse the ill-effects of excessive sexual activity or over masturbation, stop ejaculating for a few weeks. Let your body rest while you take nourishing herbs for hormone and neurochemical replenishment.
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Natural Solutions
Herbal formula can help to rejuvenate your hair root and follicles. Many herbs in the formula can help reduce oxytocin synthesis, limit the stress response, enhance liver and remove DHT from the body. Some men may prefer a daily herbal tincture using this recipe

Herbal formula can reduce DHT levels and stop the constriction in the arteries through modulation of nitric oxide and cGMP, which improve blood circulation to the scalp and prostate. Many herbs in the formula have both Beta-Sitosterol and an antioxidant carotenoid that can help rejuvenate your hair follicles and prostate.[3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

Sexual exhaustion is not the only cause of hair loss, and you should rule out other possibilities before taking the treatments detailed here. For example, an oily scalp can be a factor of hair loss as can heredity. Other factors can include severe stress, poor diet and even unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as drug abuse and smoking.

Want to Experience Better Hair Growth? Find Out How Our Experts and Community Can Help You.
By sharing your comments and concerns on the following forum topic, Herballove experts and community members can offer tips, proper diet advice and products for growing your hair. If you have a comment or concern, please sign in or register to post your opinions on the forums. If you want to recover, the following information can prove vital:   
  • How often do you masturbate? 
  • How severe is your current hair loss?
  • What’s your current age?
  • Do you experience any health conditions that could cause hair loss? 
  • Do you take any medications?
  • What does your diet consist of?
Meet the Herballove community and experts who will provide answersadvice and solutions to your hair loss problems: 

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