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Herbal Support for Happiness & Law of Attraction Manifestation
A Message of Hope
It’s no secret what makes billionaires, movie stars, and gifted leaders different than most regular folks. They don’t have more brainpower, wisdom, or talent. They just know how to use the mental keys that unlock and initiate the force behind the Law of Attraction.

For people who suffer from mental and sexual exhaustion the Law of Attraction may be difficult to comprehend. Only healthy people (both physical & mental) who are not slaves to certain dispositions become better attuned and receptive to the positive energy the universe has.

Look around and take a deep breath.

Let’s identify the factors that pollute your mind in an attempt to put your mental confusion at ease. Ask yourself these simple questions:
  • Are you suffering from financial, relationship, or work stress?
  • Do you masturbate excessively or engaged in sexual activity frequently?
  • Are you taking any prescription drugs or recreational pills?
  • Are you happy with what you have achieved so far?
  • Is your diet healthy?
Destructive Force of Stress
Our bodies produce cortisol, a stress hormone used in controlling blood pressure, breaking down glucose, and regulating inflammatory responses in the body. During sex or masturbation, the body also releases cortisol. When a person has too much sex or masturbates frequently, the body stores an excess of cortisol.

Long-term exposure to this stress hormone can trigger a bevy of enzymatic biochemical reactions in our brain chemistry. Some people reported having persistent negative thoughts, mood swings, mental fatigue, worry, and feelings of inexplicable hatred after excessive masturbation/ejaculation. Other young adults have reported having agitated minds as a result of sexual exhaustion.

Too Negative? Life Is Too Short For That
As the Law of Attraction states, negative thoughts will bring about unfortunate events. Some people have the ability to snap out of this vicious cycle. For most, the ability to change thinking process becomes too arduous. Life is too short. Time is too valuable. Stop doubting and start living.

How Does this Formula Work?
Through photosynthesis, plants are able to convert carbon dioxide into organic compounds. Plants also receive vibrational energy from the sun. They store this energy along with special compounds that are beneficial to the human mind.

Formulated For Happiness & Law of Attraction Manifestation Based On These Healing Herbs:
Why Herbal Support for Law of Attraction Manifestation Formula Is So Effective?
Herbal Support for Law of Attraction Manifestation contains high Cymatic potency. The ingredients of the formula contain molecules that resonate at different frequencies and harmonize energetically with the biorhythms of the heart. Most observers of the Law of Attraction focus only on the human mind. They don’t emphasize the importance of a good heart. Few experts equate a good heart with the power of love, which is correct metaphorically. From a physiological perspective, our hearts are not just auto-mechanical pumps.
Wisdoms From Wise Philosophers
Many great philosophers believed our souls reside within our hearts. It is a vital organ of mystery. But one thing is certain: it’s the strongest generator of the magnetic and electrical fields in the body. It's 5000 times more powerful than the brain’s electromagnetic energy! It’s the turbo-charged battery for the mind. You can’t power the Law of Attraction without a good loving heart.
Empower Your Life Now
Chinese Medicine textbooks have documented that the herbs in this formula empower the Heart and Pericardium meridian bioenergy channels. This means that putting the right herbs together in the right ratio will maximize the herb's healing power synergistically and harmonically by boosting the synergistic action between the mind and heart. The concept is easy. Freeing your mind is the hard part. Let herbal support help.
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