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Penile Insensitivity Caused by Over Masturbation

Masturbation and irritation seem like an odd pairing. Masturbation is fun, relaxing, exciting and benefiting to men and women. But in some extreme cases, masturbation can cause irritation and insensitivity issues.

Yes, the activity meant to provide pleasure and relaxation can produce insidious outcomes for frequent practitioners. Rough strokes can dry the skin and increase the likelihood of infection, while constant masturbation can damage the nerve endings that help with sensitivity. And for uncircumcised men, especially, sensitivity issues can run rampant.

Explaining Your Depletion of Sensation

The pragmatic explanation for depleted sensitivity can be attribute to circumcision. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, circumcision leads to a decrease in sexual pleasure and a reduction in orgasm insensitivity.

Men who masturbate can notice this dearth in sensation raises a cause for concern. Without the foreskin, the head of the penis develops a thin layer of scar tissue that reduces its sensitivity threshold, a cause that explains the lack of sensation for circumcised men.

Regaining Sensation

Some medical pundits remain perplexed by the lack of sensation. Still, everyday users have found homeopathic remedies suitable for alleviating their symptoms. These remedies include:
Increased lubrication
According to some users, improved levels of lubrication will introduce more sensation to the penis, allowing males to masturbate and experience intense stimulation.
Re-Growing The Foreskin
Re-growing the foreskin takes time and patience, and although foreskin growth can restore sensation, the practice may not work for every man. Still, by re-growing the foreskin, males can improve their sensitivity.

Avoiding Masturbation
Some men will too avoid masturbating to improve their sensitivity. Males who abstain from intercourse or masturbation notice a profound orgasm that’s because prolonging an ejaculation increases your stimulation threshold. Abstaining from the activity will too help your body heal from any injury experienced from frequent masturbation.

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