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What To Do While You're Waiting And She's Up For More
You've brought your woman to a real orgasm; like a gentleman, you allowed her to go first before you allowed yourself the same release. You're pleased with your craftsmanship, and she seems satisfied... But wait, what's this? She's still giving you the come-hither and seems ready for more.
The downside: your body cannot go again. Instead, your eyelids remain heavy; your muscles, relaxed; and your pillow urges you to sleep. So if you're going to maintain your self-respect about your sexual prowess, or if you want to keep your woman as happy as you can, you've got to do something.
Science Says “No”
The vast majority of guys experience an unbreakable span of time after an ejaculation called the “refractory period.” During this time, the body remains physiologically incapable of ejaculating, but can sometimes achieve an erection. The refractory period varies from male to male, and the duration generally increases with age. Women can experience it as well, especially when they fail to become aroused by further sexual stimulation immediately following an orgasm.

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What's Going On?
The refractory period is not completely understood; however, one school of thought blames the issue on an abundance of oxytocin and prolactin combined with a decrease in dopamine. Another school of thought describes a temporary change in physiology during which neurological communication between various organs inhibits the systems required to ejaculate. [1]
But What About The Multi-Orgasmic Man?
This is actually a case of separating ejaculation from orgasm, and requires a certain amount of training. This article offers some advice for the guys, giving some ideas on how to sustain an erection long enough to bring their women to orgasm multiple times without ejaculating themselves.
** Exercises For Him
Some of these techniques were originally designed for use in reducing or eliminating premature ejaculation. Do your own research to see which other ones might work for you.
So What Should We Do While I'm Waiting?
Fortunately, you can enhance your woman's pleasure during your own refractory period. Resuming foreplay, such as sensual touching or massage, is usually a very safe choice. If she specifically wants her clitoris stimulated, a very effective option is the  Herbal Nourishing Pills for Ejaculatory Nerves & Premature Ejaculation.

There are thousands of other techniques available, including cunnilingus, so you should do your own research to see what works well for you and for her. Sex toys, if available, are certainly a viable option, but this article will illustrate how overuse can have unpleasant consequences.

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