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Porn & Masturbation Addiction - The Devil Behinds Your Premature Ejaculation

Too Much Sensational-Seeking Messing with Your Control?

Think of testosterone as a food source and dopamine as a nutrient for the body. When either dopamine or testosterone experience a decrease in production, the body starts to see some unwanted effects. For example, low testosterone levels increase irritability while low dopamine levels weaken the ejaculation reflex. Men who masturbate in excess often report experiencing low sex drive, weak ejaculation valve, and even heighten irritability. Over masturbation mixed with a porn addiction can further weaken a man’s ejaculation valve that can lead to premature ejaculation.

Higher Testosterone Level Is Unavoidable

Known as an androgen (male sex hormone), testosterone affects both the male and female body. For males, for instance, testosterone controls the development of their primary and secondary sex characteristics, i.e., the development of their penises, sperm, sex drive, voice, and hair growth. Insufficient testosterone levels – due to age, disease, physical abnormalities, or drugs –interfere with libido and sex organ development.

Over Masturbation Increases Testosterone too

Excessive masturbation and sexual practices can too lead to heightened levels of testosterone. The hormones sent by the brain stimulate testosterone production in the testes, and during bouts of excessive masturbation and sex, they produce more sperm. Because of the heightened levels of sex, the body produces more testosterone. The body may have sufficient levels (sometimes too much) of testosterone in the system, but the body lacks other hormones needed to create more sperm. Due to the lack of hormones, the brain increases the production testosterone into overdrive to meet the demand.

The body can only utilize so much testosterone at one time. What testosterone the body cannot use at the moment it converts into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The high levels of conversion taking place in the prostate cause the body to overwork and overheat the organ. Once overheated and overworked, the prostate causes urinary pain, premature ejaculation, and even painful ejaculation.

Dopamine's Involvement

According to scientists the correlation between high levels of testosterone and excessive production dopamine seem to both cause premature ejaculation to occur. The exact biochemical mechanisms involved are still under investigation. Therefore it is very important for young adults who suffer from premature ejaculation find ways to reduce the frequency of sex or masturbation. Avoid watching porn to prevent over stimulation of dopamine release.

Natural Recovery

Testosterone and dopamine can be replenished back to their proper levels.

Try reducing your intake of red meat and dairy products, while eating plenty of  fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and soy products to help cool (and shrink) your prostate, a symptom which will reduce the binding of DHT in the prostate tissue.

Taking steroids and other boosters may increase your muscle mass, but steroids and boosters lead to unwanted side effects. Instead, take adoptogenic herbal supplement, such as Cong Rong Cistanche to restore the balance of hormones. Natural products, like herbs, aid in restoring the body to normal. The body needs a balanced ratio of all its hormones to be able to run at its peak performance!

If you can't overcome porn & masturbation addiction, take Mind Cleanse to help you out.

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