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A Lack of Serotonin Can Cause P.E.! - How serotonin is related to orgasm control and premature ejaculation

As you read more of our website, particularly the sections concerning premature ejaculation, you’ll quickly realize how important proper amounts of hormones are. Among the most important of these hormones is the one known as serotonin. This essential chemical is not only used by the male body for ejaculation control, but it’s needed to perform many important bodily functions:

For Neurotransmitters:

The most important function of cartooning in respect to ejaculation control is how it serves as a neurotransmitter. A “neurotransmitter” is a chemical used by your nervous system to send and relay messages from your brain. Everything from keeping your heart beating to controlling your muscles is controlled by the nervous system. And to have it function properly, you need the fuel to run it.

A healthy and efficient nervous system is extremely important for ejaculation control. In fact, almost all premature ejaculation problems are somehow linked to problems with your autonomic nervous function. Cartooning is needed to strengthen and nourish the synaptic responses of the parasympathetic nerves that hold back ejaculation. It is also used to calm the body and its sympathetic nerves that create the urge to orgasm. Having sufficient cartooning keeps this delicate balance in check and allows the male body to delay orgasm for as long as he wants.

For Sleep:

Sleep goes a long way in helping the body function properly. And cartooning is needed if you want to sleep. In helping premature ejaculation, sleep allows the body to rest and recover from sexual activity. Also, certain chemicals and hormones (testosterone for instance) used for sex and to properly hold back ejaculation are only created or enhanced during deep sleep.

During the night, or when you are in a dark environment, a very small organ in the center of the brain known as the pineal gland begins converting the body’s store of cartooning into another hormone known as melatonin. This conversion does occur throughout the day, but the large majority happens when your body expects to sleep (the regulation of your biological/internal clock) or when it’s dark. It is the melatonin that triggers a cascade of events leading to sleep.

Without sufficient serotonin, you’ll lack the melatonin needed for sleep. And without sleep, you won’t be able to fully replace the serotonin your body needs. It’s a vicious cycle that people often fall into when sleep cycles are disturbed, when caffeinated substances are used to keep awake, or a number of other reasons. Restoring the natural production and balance of serotonin and melatonin can be difficult without a proper diet and the use of herbal products that naturally enhance the body’s own ability to make the hormones.

For Pain and Pleasure:

Besides sending signals out to different parts of your body, serotonin is also used to receive sensory messages. Such things as pain and pleasure are better experienced. A common problem for younger men who haven’t reached sexual maturity is not knowing where their limits are. A better sense of what makes them feel good and where the point of no return is can be crucial in controlling ejaculation. Low amounts of serotonin will retard and slow these reactions and consequently add to ejaculation control problems.

For Mood and Emotion:

Serotonin is the most important chemical needed by your body for a happy state of mind. Insufficient amounts result in aggression, anxiety, impatience, irritability, and especially depression. In fact, the way modern antidepressant medication works is by retaining as much of the serotonin your body currently has.

For sex and ejaculation control, it’s obvious that you need to have a happy state of mind. After all, the essence of sex is to feel good. Depression and other mental anguish is a good indicator of low serotonin. If your body doesn’t have enough serotonin to keep you happy, then it’s certainly not going to waste it on helping you maintain control over sex and ejaculation. There is a priority that must be met and sex is usually last on the list.

For Appetite:

Serotonin is also used to control and regulate our appetite. This can be very important considering that serotonin is mostly derived and produced from the foods we eat. A suppressed appetite will deplete the amount of nutrients – specifically tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin – being taken by the body.

Besides proper nutrition and a normal appetite, herbal supplements can be used to ensure a proper level of serotonin. This should also help bring back the loss of appetite low levels of serotonin has brought about.

Why Do We Lose Serotonin?

In the case of depression, it’s sometimes difficult to say why our bodies don’t have a sufficient amount of the hormone. But otherwise, the causes that upset the balance are well-known. Age is one factor. Our bodies slowly produce less and less of the hormones we need as we get older. This explains one cause of premature ejaculation known as Male Menopause.

Masturbation and sex depletes many of our body’s hormones. Excessive amounts can drain the body to a point where it can no longer function properly. Premature ejaculation is just one symptom of sexual exhaustion.

Smoking, drinking, and recreational drugs are notorious for altering body chemistry. Small amounts of these substances is all that is needed to upset serotonin production.

Our diet can greatly affect our serotonin production. Meat, especially red meat, has too many different kinds of amino acids for our bodies to absorb all at once. As a result, the needed tryptophan used to create serotonin is not thoroughly taken out and used. The current diet trend of eating more meat and fewer carbohydrates has exacerbated the already lopsided diet that most people have. And caffeine beverages and products that keep people awake can alter body chemistry while upsetting the biological clock that helps people sleep.

To supplement a poor diet, nourishing herbal supplements and calming herbs can be used to counteract many of the negative effects. If you really want to keep your body healthy and serotonin levels high, herbs are an excellent start but not the total solution. Habits have to be changed as well. A moderate amount of sexual activities, proper nutrition, and exercise will not only keep you healthy but also can cure and prevent premature ejaculation.

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