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CUSCUTA - The misunderstood Herb

Cuscuta, also known as “dodder”, is a leafless parasitic vine that feeds on other plants to survive. It is primarily found in temperate to tropical regions of the world and is actually widely considered by farmers and cultivators to be of nuisance, due to its nature to live off of other plants, thereby killing them.
Oddly enough, there are others who highly prize this parasitical plant. They actually use cuscuta as a remedy for a variety of disorders. It is believed that the plant can nourish the energetic liver and kidney matrices. Liver and gall bladder problems and their related illnesses (such as Jaundice) have long been treated with cuscuta, as have urinary problems and constipation. Remedies that include or are made from it are generally designed to serve as diuretics, or even to simply encourage appetite.
Uses of the plant are many and varied; it is administered to treat gout; it is a preparative agent in homeopathic medicines; and it is alleged to contain cancer-fighting agents. In China and some Asian countries, its seeds have long been used for the treatment of osteoporosis (its active compounds with the ostreogenic effect being kaempferol and hyperoside).
On the other end of the medicinal spectrum, Cuscuta is believed to be of wonderful sexual benefit for men. It’s said to increase male fertility. Recently, scientists have discovered that derived properties of the plant can actually protect the male’s sperm. The five key active molecules that are responsible for the function are beta-sitosterol, d-sesamin, 9(R)-hydroxy-d-sesamin, d-pinoresinol and daucosterol – each serving to protect the sperm cell membrane and mitochondrion function, preserving the sperm’s acosomic structure and preventing damage from free radicals.
But the benefits to men don’t end there. Cuscuta is often an important ingredient of erection enhancement formulas, as it helps increase the production of Nitric Oxide Syntheses inside the penile tissues. It also enhances the intra-cavernosal pressure (ICP) inside the penis, resulting in a harder and fuller erection. To find out for yourself if the formulas that benefit from the inclusion of cuscuta can have a similarly positive effect on your sexuality, seek out either the Herbs For Male Low Sex Drive or the Herbal Treatments For Poor Erection & Premature Ejaculation. They’re popular, proven, and effective among men who sought to enhance their fertility, libido and erection quality.

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