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Ways for Improving Vaginal Hygiene & Wellness

Considered the cleanest part on a woman’s body, the vagina acts as a self-cleaning, self-lubricating engine of fertility. With its elastic muscles and moist tissue, the vagina’s tight muscles can leave a man quivering and moaning during intercourse. But a sour, discharging vagina will instead repel a partner. Yes, the vagina can self-clean itself, but thanks to the yeast present in the area, bacteria can easily form. 

Good, vaginal hygiene prevents unhealthy, vaginal discharge, odor, and infection. A simple, daily vaginal cleaning can be performed by rinsing with mild soap from your outer genital area after a shower. Included here are various tips and daily vaginal hygiene essentials that will improve vaginal health.

Natural and Organic Tampons
Dioxins Toxin Buildup

Currently, most tampons are made of cotton, rayon, or other synthetic fibers for the purpose of keeping costs low. Dioxins, harmful organic chemicals produced during thebleaching process, can make their way into a woman's system through the vagina. Tampon manufacturers claim dioxins are only present in small dosages.
Since tampons come in contact with very sensitive and absorbent vaginal tissues, how much dioxin a woman actually absorbs into her body varies from person to person. Long-term or high-level exposure of dioxins can lead to skin disorders, liver problems, immune dysfunctions, infertility, and  hormonal and sexual dysfunction.
The reason that dioxins are so harmful to women (and the environment!) is their long half-life: 11 years! If you have a weak liver, dioxins can stay active and present in your body  without begin broken down.

Cotton is heavily treated with pesticides, which can enter the body and chemically metabolize toxins. Tampons have also been found to cause micro-ulcerations on the vaginal tissue, possibly due to the chemical materials from the tampons. Using tampons made from natural and organic ingredients can improve vaginal health. For more information about organic tampons, see Natural & Organic Tampons For Vaginal Hygiene.

Sea Sponge Tampons

Unlike standard tampons that absorb the natural fluids needed to keep the vagina clean and moist, Sea Pearls contain no dioxins or synthetic fibers.  Safe and reusable for six months or more, Sea Pearls are healthy, economical, easy to use, and earth-friendly.

Diva Cup

The DivaCup is a healthy and effective natural solution to vaginal discharge. Non-absorbent, the DivaCup collects the menstrual flow, leaving the natural moisture level in the vagina undisturbed.


Refrain from normal douching.  Repetitive douching disrupts the normal organisms that live in the vagina and can  increase your risk of vaginal infection. Instead, douche with infusions made from antiseptic herbs such as Calendula, Garlic, Goldenseal, fresh plantain, St. John's Wort, or Tea Tree Oil, along with herbs such as comfrey leaves to soothe irritation.


To reduce recurrent yeast infections, supplement with lactobacillus cultures, a type of ‘good bacteria’ that's common in your vagina.

Additional Tips
  • Wipe from front to back after using the toilet to avoid spreading fecal bacteria to your vagina. Cover public toilet seats with paper before sitting down, because each time you flush, bacteria is thrusted into the air from the toilet.
  • Wash the genital area before and after sex. Use a male latex condom to help avoid infections spread by sexual contact.
  • Wear cotton underwear and pantyhose with a cotton crotch
  • Avoid wearing underwear to bed, as yeast thrives in moist, damp environments
  • Never wear a tampon for more than 8 hours
  • Don’t insert sex toys into the vagina. Many sex toys are made of Polyvinylchloride (PVC) or plastic that is not meant for long time usage
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