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Milk & Impotence - The unique range of Prolactin effects

Perhaps most commonly affiliated with its role in the lactation of the female breasts, prolactin serves additional functions as well. It is a regulator of the immune system with a profound effect on important growth factors and is even involved in the regulation of blood clotting. Primarily, it stimulates the mammary glands to produce milk. It also provides the body with feelings of sexual gratification after sexual activities. Especially immediately following ejaculation, when the increase of prolactin would counteract the effect of dopamine as part of the process to create the sense of sexual satisfaction and relaxation. If the prolactin level greatly exceeds its normal balance it will kill the sex drive and result in temporary weak erection, loss of libido, and impotence.
The respective hormones of the sexes, testosterone and estrogen, are adversely affected by such high levels of prolactin. Conservatively elevated levels are much more pliable, and estrogen levels can vary to extereme degrees. In a condition known as hyperprolactinemia, an excessive secretion of prolactin can cause erectile dysfunction in men.
A recent study of more than 300 men who maintained excessive levels of prolactin revealed that 88% of them suffered from sexual dysfunction. Most commonly, erectile dysfunction was the primary symptom. Unconventional, however, was the root of the ED – a basic lack of desire. These results established an undeniable link between sexual dysfunction and excessive prolactin. Other symptoms inherent to many of the men included reverse ejaculation and hair loss.
Men who discover that they have low levels of testosterine and suffer from ED should have their prolactin levels measured. There are treatments designed to decrease the presence of the chemical via medication, surgery, or both. Less evasive, and certainly of no adverse side effects, are the multitude of medicinal herb combinations used to treat the condition. The products of years of Traditional Chinese Medicine development, these formulated remedies, though obscure, have proven success in easing the symptoms associated with  hyperprolactinemia.
Despite the fact that it is most widely considered to be the hormone responsible for breast milk, prolactin shouldn’t be overlooked for its potential role in male sexual dysfunction. Check with your doctor if you are looking into the possible causes, and solutions, for your own sexual dysfunction.

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