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Porn and Generation Y – Is Porn Obsession Shrinking Your Penis?
Porn is just good, clean fun, right? Sexy nuns exploring their bi-curiosities, lonely housewives reaching out for a “helping hand,” breathtaking bombshells showing the average guy just how to get the job done. Porn is a multibillion-dollar industry, and it's showing no signs of slowing down (on the contrary, the Internet has made it all the more ubiquitous).

Dr. Irwin Goldstein states that the two causes for shrinkage include plaque buildup and an increase of inelastic scar tissue that both lead to penile shrinkage.

But could your love of porn actually be causing your penis to shrink? Don't laugh. There's a real scientific precedent here, and if we keep up at this pace, the next generation of men might be trying to impress the opposite sex with Tic-Tacs between their legs...(More on Penis Shrinkage Caused By Masturbation).
Generation WhY? - The Rise of Porn Addition
Porn isn't more addictive than it was in previous generations; it's simply more prevalent. As a result, people are finding it easier and easier to latch onto this titillating fantasy temptress with reckless abandon, day after day (after day, after day, after day...).

Our forefathers had it much more difficult. If they wanted to indulge in a bit of visual hardcore stimulation, they had to embark on a walk of shame to the local liquor store checkout and drop $5 to $7 in exchange for an issue of the latest sex rag, or purchase a VHS tape with a case the size of a laptop, thereby notifying everyone within a three-mile radius of their shameful compulsion.
But generation Y has it much different. Today, we enjoy not only total anonymity, but instant access to the most esoteric fetishes and curiosities at the click of a button. Looking for brunette cougars? No problem. Teens in pigtails?

Easy as pie. Swedish grannies wearing propeller hats and seducing young black farmhands in a vat of sour cream? Hey, if that's your thing, the Internet is more than happy to oblige you, right now--free of charge. And the Internet won't report your clandestine activity to your boss, your wife or your clergyman. Is it any wonder why porn addiction is at an all-time high? It's just too easy, too abundant and too tempting. 
The Consequences of all This Eye Candy
As you probably guessed, there's a major downside to this great technological feat. Porn-on-demand is not only creating a vicious cycle of dependency; it's also causing millions to suffer physical consequences. As the old cliché goes, “Be careful what you wish for.” There is a price to be paid for round-the-clock cyber-porn from the comfort of your laptop. In fact, research shows that all of this porn may actually be shrinking your penis. 

Penis Shrinkage & Masturbation – The FAQs You're Probably Afraid to Ask-Discover the true causes of your penile shrinkage. 
You're worried about your penile shrinkage, but how concerned is she? Find out in No Guy Loves a Shrinking Penis - But What Does SHE Think?
Find out what the science has to say about over masturbation and penis shrinkage

Penis Shrinkage – The Untold Consequence of Porn
Let's be honest. After all, we're all friends here. We don't need to B.S. one another.  When you're enjoying the wonders of a hot pornographic escape, you're not sitting on your sofa eating from a tub of popcorn and admiring the brilliant camerawork. Chances are, you're sitting with your pants around your ankles. Therein lies the problem. It's not the porn itself, but the compulsive masturbation that it “inspires.” 
A September 2012 report from Psychology Today shed some interesting light on how porn can bastardize normal sexual behavior. The report noted that excess porn and masturbation causes an imbalance of dopamine, which contributes to erectile dysfunction, social anxiety, lack of motivation, lack of concentration and even depression.

And here's where we get to this issue of penis shrinkage. Erectile dysfunction stems from a lack of blood flow to the penis, and when that happens, the penis fails to reach its maximum size potential. As a result, the once dominant shaft is reduced to a sad shell of its former self: limp, uninspired, and lacking that certain “something.” It's like playing the “Test Your Strength” game at the carnival and only hitting 75 percent. Inevitably, your manhood suffers. 
Getting Back on Track
If you're feeling deflated as you read this (no pun intended...okay, maybe pun intended), there is good news. The Psychology Today report also found that when men rid themselves of porn and stopped the compulsive masturbation, they started to experience normal sexual function again.

According to a report from WebMD, you may be suffering symptoms of decreased blood flow to the penis. Aside from decreased blood flow, over masturbation can lead to your current problem: penis shrinkage

So the first step is to toss those DVDs in the trash and maybe put a porn filter on your PC. And if you find that you just can't  restore your size to its former glory, research has found that certain herbs can be beneficial.

For instance, Cistanche, Cuscuta, Fo Ti and Ginseng (Formulated InBotanical Concoction for Penile Tissue Rejuvenation & Growth) all contain properties that reverse the damage of over-masturbation.

But as with any cure, you're not going to experience the maximum benefit unless you start by addressing the root cause. So kick the porn to the curb, and enjoy the kind of penile superiority that once brought a wide smile of satisfaction to your face.

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