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Sex Position: Push-Up Position

Push-ups strengthen the chest, shoulders and triceps for a stronger, more chiseled look and feel. Some men and women can do 100s of push-ups in the span of a few minutes. And some women will definitely want to perform these push-ups in this position too. So prepare to workout your chest and shoulders, ladies.
Men will start off on their backs. Ladies will climb on top and lie sideways. Here’s where it gets tricky. Achieving penetration for sideways positions can prove cumbersome—especially for novices.

Ladies, you’ll have to slide his penis inward, and for an even easier time, try tilting your hips to one side and then inserting the penis. Once you two achieve penetration, ladies rest your pelvis on his body and use your arms to get into push-up position.

Why She’ll Love It:

Ladies, you’ll control the tempo for this position, but the push-ups you do from here will grind against your clitoris for a nice orgasmic finish to your workout. Regular push-ups have never given you the stimulation quite like this. Using your hips to thrust left and right, you’ll notice how great this position is for your body—and mind.

Why He’ll Love It:

The tightness created by the side penetration should be enough of a reason to get you to like this position. Aside from the improved tightness factor, you’ll be on your back, which translates to less work.

Men who perform this position at early hours of the day or late hours of the evening may enjoy the low energy required.

About This Position

Sex Position Number: 151
Difficulty: Guru
Pleasure for Him: Medium
Pleasure for Her: High
Not Suitable For: Clitoris Insensitivity
Other Positions You May Like: G That Hit The Spot
Ideal Penis Size: 7 inches +
Stamina Required: High
Flexibility Required: High

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Ideas: Low libido in males, low libido in females, sexual postures

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