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Improving Your Endurance: Fighting Your Ejaculation Urges

Experienced lovers don’t learn pleasurable techniques over night. Experienced lovers understand sex because they practice and engage in the activity often. Men know what areas to kiss a woman. Women know how to twist and maneuver their bodies to get men moaning. From the proper angle to the right maneuver, experienced lovers know all the tricks.
For men lacking confidence, experience or even endurance, learning these tricks requires practice and time. Men who suffer from premature ejaculation especially may need more patience to improve their endurance. For men who prematurely ejaculate, the urge spontaneously arises. It could take less than five minutes or it could take even less than a few strokes. No matter how little the duration, men can find some respite from quick and sudden spurts of euphoria.

1. You can control your ejaculations! 
2. Premature is a big deal. 
3. Creams and Sprays that delay an ejaculation do not work. Learn how
More willpower will not eliminate your premature ejaculation problems. 
5. Stress can increase your chances of premature ejaculation.

How It Happens

From stress and anxiety to anger and inexperience, premature ejaculation is a natural occurrence. Even experienced lovers find themselves exploding into a shroud of embarrassment, yet experienced lovers know how to overcome these issues faster than less confident, less-experienced men. All of these random occurances of embarrasement are known as Incidental Premature Ejaculation and can happen as a:
Sudden occurrence—a one-time (hopefully) surprise
Occasional occurrence—random event that happens less than 50 percent of the time
Constant occurrence—every encounter ends in frustration
Still, the problem is rooted in more than just too much arousal. Frustration, stress, masturbation habits—both fervently or delicately--can affect how and when a man ejaculates. Masturbation, frustration, stress, even anxiety can hyperactively arouse the ejaculation valve to create a sudden, embarrassing explosion of joy.

Hyperactively Aroused

Stress, hormone imbalances, excessive masturbation, prescription or recreation drugs can hyperactively arouse a man. But fear not, for herbal remedies can help improve the ejaculation valve, inhibit premature ejaculation and please a woman for hours and hours!

How Can I Control my Ejaculations Better?

According to the NCBI, the ejaculatory duct, controlled by the parasympathic nerves, opens and closes in response to stimulation.By controlling the opening of the ejaculatory ductmales can experience an enhanced sexual experience.

Men who suffer from constant, debilitating premature ejaculation may need to strengthen their ejaculation valves by using the Stop - Start Method for Premature Ejaculation, a useful method to leave her saying “YES” all throughout the night. Of course, the best techniques come in pairs of two, which is why men should also try Calm Pills to make the euphoric experience last twice as long.

Be A Considerate Lover?

Every man has prematurely ejaculated at least once in his lifetime. It’s natural. Most confident men learn how to shrug off a weak performance. Instead of dwelling on the bad experience, confident men focus on improving the next performance. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Instead, build your self-esteem with positive reinforcement.

Remember, inhibiting an ejaculation is part mental too. The more time you spend focusing on thoughts like “oh, oh, oh, please not yet!” the less time you dedicate to pleasing your partner. Try a technique or herbal remedy. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Talk to your friends about methods that work for them or consult one of our sexperts for more advice.
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