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Lowered Sperm Count Caused by Bicycling: Feeling the Negative Impacts of Riding
The older we get, the more we focus on the things we love. The list of things we choose to focus on becomes narrower as well. Take exercise for example. When we find one we like, we tend to stick with it. If swimming is your exercise of choice, you make time for it before or after work. Exercise helps you cope with not only your daily stressors, but also to manage your weight and functional mobility. So when the part of your daily routine is supposed to help you healthier and stronger is the reason for your lowered sperm count, the disappointment sets in.
Cycling Danger
Bicycling is a known contributor to the reduction of sperm and may be the cause of having difficulty conceiving if you suffer from a lowered sperm count. Pressure from your bike seat may be damaging the nerve endings and blood vessels that are responsible for maintaining a strong and healthy erection. If you take your bike off the road, you run further risk of damaging the scrotum due to extreme vibrations and shock due to the nature of the terrain.
Experiencing pain, emotional or physical, caused by the things you love can be frustrating to say the least. But does that mean we should just accept the detriment accrued by our favorite pass times? Not for those of us who have the resources to handle said situation. And luckily there are non-surgical, all natural solutions to be considered.
Along with bike maintenance, better shocks and thicker padded bike shorts, there are herbal remedies you can take to heal the damage done to your blood vessels and nerve endings that will counteract some of the effects of lowered sperm count due to bicycling. 
Herb Overview
Catuaba, is an herb that is native to Brazilian forests helps to increase blood flow, not only to the penile tissue, but also to the brain, as well as a host of other healthful benefits. The herb allows our bodies to heal the damage done by the rigors we put on them in the name of self-improvement.
Another approach is to increase the sperm count at large, in order to increase the overall health of sperm development. This end may be achieved by taking Cistanche. This herb improves adrenal gland function while protecting organs from oxidative damages. It is said to increase blood flow and contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties as well; ideal for repairing damages done by the avid biker’s passion for his pastime...(see how herbs cam help you)

We work so hard to keep our bodies healthy, and whether it’s the experience and satisfaction of being on the road chasing your dreams or in the bedroom looking toward your future, don’t let your hopes fall behind your ability, and remember there are proactive solutions for the proactive man.

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