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Fluctuating Hormones = Fluctuating Periods - A Look at the Causes of an Irregular Menstrual Cycle

An irregular menstrual cycle can be problematic at best, and may even make it more difficult for a woman to become pregnant. Women with irregular menstrual cycles generally do not ovulate every month and usually suffer from a hormonal imbalance.
But what causes such disorders? The potential reasons are varied, and even surprising. For instance, conventional produce, meat, and dairy contain preservatives, pesticides, and synthetic hormones. These toxins are difficult to expel from your body if you have a weak liver or are constantly under stress.
Also, many women do not realize that taking various prescription drugs and birth control medications, consuming unhealthy foods and smoking, and the naïve exposure to environmental toxic compounds (such as PBA buildup from plastics) will wreak havoc on the normal function of hormones. Pesticides adhered to produce can act like xeno-estrogen in the body, creating a condition of estrogen excess that can disrupt the monthly cycle. Plus, certain chemical preservatives are now known to be carcinogenic (prone to cause cell mutation). It is always wise to consume fresh, organic foods and hormone-free dairy.
When hormonal imbalances cause irregular periods, the flow of blood and bioenergy often stagnates. Irregular menstrual cycle abnormalities can have a strong link to over stress and exhaustion, as well as the chronic use of birth control pills that create their own hormonal imbalance. Residue buildup from birth control pills can detract from the quality and amount of progesterone the body makes after ovulation, leading to period irregularity.
Women suffering from hormone imbalances related irregular periods should avoid alcohol and caffeine, get some additional rest if possible, and eat only healthy and nourishing foods. Taking herbal remedies to help restore the nervous system and replenish the internal organs will set the groundwork for a normal, healthy menstrual cycle. In fact, there are a number of popular formulas specifically designed to get the period back on track, such as the Natural Solutions For Irregular Periods and the PMS & Menstrual Care Tincture.

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