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That Foul Smell - Identifying the causes of vaginal odor

Vaginal health is of utmost importance. A standard factor in the vagina’s welfare is its pH balance, which is a measurement of acidity. The purpose of the vagina’s acidic nature is to serve as active protection against maladies such as yeast infections (which are the most common), vaginitis and/or vaginosis. Symptoms of such infections include inflammation, irregular odor, and discharge.
Since the vaginas pH is at its lowest level before and during a woman’s period, an increase of discharge during this time is normal. Clear discharge is a common sign of ovulation. When the optimal pH balance of the vagina is compromised, the resulting invading germs will be responsible for abnormal excretions.
Generally, when a foul-smelling vaginal odor accompanies the discharge, it is the result of any of the aforementioned three; bacterial vaginosis, vaginitis or a yeast infection. Each of these conditions can lead to smelly emissions, as can sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea and chlamydia. In rare cases, it is the symptoms of more serious conditions such as cervical cancer that may be behind the foul vaginal odor. It’s always important to check with a doctor to rule out these extreme possibilities. A hormonal imbalance, poor feminine hygiene, possibly even a poor diet can all be factors that contribute to an unpleasant smell.
To help treat and prevent foul vaginal odor due to infections, keep the vagina, labia and clitoris clean. Regular douching is helpful. The area between the anus and the vulva should especially be hygienic and kept dry, as this is where bacteria are most often spread. Also, natural herbal formulas such as the Botanical Tincture For Abnormal Vaginal Discharge are proven effective. They often utilize Phellodendron to combat the infections and fungal transmissions associated with the discharge. Dong Quai, a unique and powerful tonic that is often used to treat irregular menstruation, abdominal pain, constipation, and anemia, is also a common ingredient in these popular natural remedies.

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