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Over Masturbation & Sexual Exhaustion In Depth Disucssion - The Causes

Men can vividly recall the first time they discovered masturbation. They can remember with exact detail how each stroke felt. They can recall whether they masturbated to a magazine, movie or their imagination. They can even remember the euphoria felt after their first orgasm. Masturbation is fun. It’s a gateway to a man’s deepest sexual fantasies. It’s exhilarating yet addicting, poisonous yet fun. Whether you’re an average, once-in-a-while masturbator or the I-need-to-masturbate-to-feel-better type, masturbation creates some ineffectual problems, from thinning hair to weak erections. The causes for each symptom varies, from hormonal imbalances to a displacement in neurotransmitters.

Causes Overview

Over masturbation disrupts the functioning of bodily systems. It damages the endocrine system, a series of glands that produces hormones. It ruins the dopamine-norepinephrine-epinephrine conversions responsible for stimulation, satisfaction and sex drive. It even causes a disruption in the nervous system interactions, resulting in the improper signaling of certain neurochemicals. 

Neurotransmitter Depletions:

Acetylcholine lowers heart rate and acts as an excitatory neurotransmitter.
Associated symptoms: weak erections, eye floaters and performance anxiety issues

Dopamine functions as a reward-driving chemical that binds to nerve receptors in the body.
Associated symptom: premature ejaculation

Serotonin controls mood and ejaculation control. 
Associated symptoms: mood swings and premature ejaculation

Nitric Oxide
Nitric Oxide is a signaling molecule used in pathological and physiological processes.
Associated symptoms: ejaculation disorders, performance anxiety issues and weak erections

Hormone Depletion or Proliferation:

DHT is a sex steroid and androgen hormone, when found in abundance it can create problems.
Associated symptoms: male-pattern baldness, prostate inflammation and premature ejaculation

Human Growth Hormones stimulate the growth and production of human cells. Low HGH levels result in in various sexual dysfunctions.
Associated symptoms: back pains, performance anxiety issues, weak erections and penis shrinkage

Stress hormones (cortisol and norepinephrine)
Cortisol and norepinephrine help the metabolic and endocrine system, but when an excess of these hormones are present, males can experience several issues.
Associated symptoms: premature ejaculation problems, performance anxiety issues and weak erections 

Testosterone powers a man’s sex drive but also provides balance to a man’s mood. Low testosterone can present problems for males.
Associated symptoms: mood swings, anxiety and weak erections

Prostaglandin E2
Prostaglandin E2 is an anti-inflammatory hormone that helps relax muscles. High levels of the hormone can have the opposite affect on the body.
Associated symptoms: back pain, testicles and prostate inflammation

Thyroid Hormone Imbalance
The thyroid is charged with producing hormones to control sleep cycle, eating habits and body temperature. A depletion of these hormones can destroy basic bodily functions.
Associated symptoms: premature ejaculation issues and altered sleep patterns

Nerve and Muscle Damage:

Weak Parasympathetic Nerves
The parasympathetic nerves help open and close the ejaculation valve. When weakened, the ejaculatory valve remains open, resulting in a number of problems.
Associated symptoms: leaky penis, weak erections and premature ejaculation

Weak P.C. Muscle
Together with the parasympathetic nerves, the P.C. muscle helps control an erection and prevents an ejaculation.
Associated symptoms: weak erections and premature ejaculation issues

Masturbation can alleviate stress and elevate mood. When done in excess, it can create a bevy of unwanted problems. Men who continue to suffer from O.M.-related symptoms should read the all-natural benefits of herbs and associated techniques.

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